Consolidate the concept of the party to strengthen the security of the masses satisfaction

Since the implementation of the "five check" education and rectification activities, the city’s public security organs in accordance with provincial and municipal education program requirements, combined with the actual work, in deepening education, investigate and analyze on the basis of active rectification, forge ahead, and achieved good results

since the implementation of the "five check" education and rectification activities, the city’s public security organs in accordance with provincial and municipal education program requirements, combined with the actual work, in deepening education, investigate and analyze on the basis of active rectification, forge ahead, and achieved good results.

Dongchuan Industrial Park Public Security Bureau to the core values of education as the basis, from the aspects of law enforcement efforts to strengthen the idea of law enforcement for the people, and actively take measures to expand educational outreach. is a good specification off . Juzhu units through the "Five" education, around the police, accepted the case, involving property management of qualitative case processing, relates to citizens’ personal and property rights and prone to problems of the key aspects of law enforcement and law enforcement process, profound reflection. The implementation of the law enforcement process, so that the law enforcement activities are rules to minimize and eliminate law enforcement is not as chaotic as problems, prevent the arbitrariness of law enforcement of police. two is a good clean off . branch leadership and global police through empathy, investigate and analyze the polices of fairness and justice, honesty and self-discipline concept rooted to the mind, through to law enforcement, law enforcement injustice, not solve the cost problem from the source; starting from the details, especially in law enforcement to inform, to take coercive measures, treatment the property involved prone to deviation of the law enforcement process, to further refine the standards of law enforcement, strict enforcement procedures, standardize law enforcement action, ensure the full enforcement of the impartial and honest. three is a good duty off . through the innovation of law enforcement responsibility, grasp the relationship between the efficiency of quantity, good quality of law enforcement and law enforcement, law enforcement duties completely correct and solve the cross and the law enforcement responsibility is not clear, adhere to the "who, who is responsible for law enforcement, who, who is responsible for the principle of law enforcement and law enforcement investigators, police investigators and law enforcement responsibility for detailed audit the law enforcement responsibility management. four is a good for the people off . branch of Roca Bay police station will protect and realize the legitimate rights and interests of people as the fundamental law enforcement police station, the starting point and end point, and constantly improve the degree of social harmony and people’s satisfaction, and strictly abide by the ethics of the people’s police occupation, properly handle the relationship between law enforcement and justice to serve the people, to the quality of service to win the trust of the image of law enforcement impartial and honest and efficient civilization, through to fulfill the duties entrusted by the law in action, truly "right of the people, love the people, benefits for the people". read more

2016 ten high profile cake shop

the new year has passed, born in the food and beverage market, how do you gain this year, or you are still ready to start a business catering investors are choosing projects. If it is really so Xiaobian recommend you open a bakery bar! The improvement of the standard of living makes the demand of the consumers more and more big. According to relevant data, in 2018 the market size of China will reach 170 billion yuan, while the domestic market now is becoming increasingly fierce competition, in this market, the 10 brands have the shine in the market. The following Xiaobian to give you a summary.

2016 high visibility of the ten largest cake shop

, a Paris Angel baking mansion, is a set of baked food production, R & D, sales, training as one of the modern comprehensive food enterprises, has been the business development to Southeast Asia, Guangdong and some provinces and cities, the country has more than and 300 stores (including delivery stores), distribution type bread central plant more than and 10 get home, the most popular brand, the most creative brand, excellent Chinese baking business awards, won the National Association of industry and commerce, Chinese commercial business association award. read more

Bus passenger transport market special rectification report

bus passenger market regulation

special report

first phase


bus passenger market rectification leading group office 200810 June 13

bus passenger market special rectification of the full start

according to the "General Office of municipal government of Xining City Department of Transportation Forwarding class line car passenger transport market order special rectification activities implementation plan of the notice" (Ning Zhengban [2008]144) spirit of the document, the September 24th special rectification leading group held the remediation work will start after the joint remediation group respectively at the train station, Republic road etc. take months of waiting, tour inspection and other ways to carry out remediation work in accordance with the law. As of October 10th, the joint law enforcement team respectively to investigate the black car 21, bus overcrowding and other illegal vehicles 19.

10 month 13 days, special rectification leading group members of the unit in the four floor conference room and the municipal government held a special rectification work briefing, summed up the special rectification work of the previous stage experience, informed the work progress of the joint law enforcement team. At present, the special rectification are two main problems: one is the joint law enforcement group deployed personnel have not yet fully in place, rectification power is still insufficient; two is the regulation of anti violence law phenomenon have occurred, and the "black car" forensic work difficult. At the meeting, Ma Haizhou, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government to make arrangements for the next step of the rectification work, the joint law enforcement team to overcome the difficulties, increase efforts to ensure the effectiveness of remediation work. read more

Beijing this year there will be a new progress in pollution control rule blocking


13th Five-Year" period, various provinces for environmental governance is also very seriously, especially in Beijing, as the political, economic and cultural center, the pollution is more serious, more need to work this through to the end. Therefore, Beijing mayor Wang Anshun said that this year there will be a new progress in pollution control rule blocking.

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78 temporary parking point of the city changed to 5 yuan 2 yuan the cost of parking increases publ

recently, many people reflect, 78 temporary parking on the road from the main city 51 long after the price rose by 2 yuan a unified 5 yuan, resulting in the increase in the cost of parking, especially for the temporary stop of the vehicle, stop for a few minutes to pay 5 yuan, is not worthwhile, can traffic through the hotline to reflect what prompted authorities to start further refinement, in order to truly achieve the purpose of quick stop.

According to Mr. Liu

people to reflect, he often used in temporary parking parking barracks lane to work or shopping, parking is half an hour, the original parking fee standard is 2 yuan, but after 51 here again when parking rose suddenly became 5 yuan fee, ask the staff, the toll was set up at the roadside publicity card said city price policy.

driver Zhang said, he often stop ten minutes eating breakfast in the traffic lane, now the parking fee increases, the $5 parking fee to catch up with the meal, the parking cost is too high, if driving work in urban areas, the day was ten yuan, higher than the price of oil, so some drivers will try to occupy other public roads. Some drivers say, temporary parking suggests that public short time parking space, due to the temporary parking of my new toll standard is too general, only 2 hours parking fee of 5 yuan, overtime extra 1 yuan per hour for short time parking standards, the people cost is too high, and for some one stop that day people charge too little. read more

2015 Cordyceps cup national traditional archery invitational tournament

October 1st, by the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, the National Association of ethnic minorities in Qinghai, sponsored by the "Cordyceps Cup" national traditional archery tournament in Qinghai in 2015, the national plateau sports training base. From the province’s 20 national archery team a total of more than and 200 people to participate in the competition.