Our province Shuangbai rule of law political propaganda cum forum will hold the first report

May 31st 2016, the province’s "double hundred" rule of law "and political propaganda activities forum first report will be held in Xining, which marks the province in 2016 of the" double hundred "activities and" political class "officially launched. Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee, the provincial law society president Wang Xiaoyong, President of the higher people’s court, the provincial people’s Procuratorate Dong Kaijun Yin Bai attended.

will be the first report of invited Professor of China University of Political Science and Law, doctoral tutor, environmental law expert Professor Wang Canfa taught him around the theme of "relations" should correctly handle the provisions of environmental law and the historical turn in the construction of ecological civilization, and highlights from the promulgation of the new environmental law, the construction of ecological civilization is based on legislation and power steering. Three aspects of how to build the ecological civilization system, expounds to the construction of ecological civilization, an important task, to play its due role. Report on the province to promote the construction of ecological civilization in the first area has a certain inspiration and guidance. read more

Breaking the bottleneck of the traffic to release the traction of Qinghai Tibet Railway Qinghai Tibe

"if you want to run fast, all depends on the front seat belt." Built in the snow covered plateau of Qinghai Tibet Railway for ten years, not only broke the traffic "bottleneck" Tibet two provinces sustainable development, and increasingly become the two regional economic and social development of the powerful engine". Statistics show that since the opening of the Qinghai Tibet railway before operation from 2005 to 2015, GDP growth in Qinghai province from 64 billion 105 million yuan to 241 billion 705 million yuan, the Tibet autonomous region of GDP rose from 24 billion 880 million yuan to 102 billion 639 million yuan, the average annual growth rate remained at more than 10%.

2006 July 1st, the world’s attention to the Qinghai Tibet railway opened to traffic. As the world’s highest and longest, through the frozen earth the longest plateau railway mileage, to achieve a breakthrough in Tibet railway transport "zero" at the same time, it is like the iron dragon like between Qinghai Xining and Tibet Lhasa line thousands of miles, the shuttle, will open the idea of the exchange of mutual benefit and development of the kinetic energy Everfount delivery go out. read more

Jewelry store investment funds

jewelry stores is very popular in the market, if you want to see the industry opportunities, take a look at how much money so open investment, small hope that provides you with some analysis of the data, if you want to know more details that will see, not to be missed.

lease 15 square meters of shops, the monthly rent of about 2000 yuan (to be concentrated in the downtown business area or the area). Store decoration should be elegant taste, the cost of 6000 yuan. Purchase counters, goods display rack and customer chairs a total of 2000 yuan. Business license and other operating procedures 500 yuan. Hire two employees, a total of 1000 yuan monthly salary. Jewelry semi-finished products and some finished goods inventory 3000 yuan.

benefit analysis: jewelry prices from a few dollars, tens of dollars to one hundred yuan, profit is not the same. Every day there are 10 customers, each consumption of 30 yuan, the daily turnover of $300, monthly income of 9000 yuan, with an annual gross profit of $108000. In addition to store rent 24000 yuan last year, annual wages 12000 yuan, year should pay various taxes and fees of 6000 yuan, annual water, electricity 2400 yuan, annual jewelry, semi-finished products and finished products purchase cost 20000 yuan, the annual net profit of 44600 yuan, the average monthly income of 3700 yuan, the payback period is 5 months. read more

Good weather in Xining before the Qingming Festival

March 31st, the author learned from the Xining Municipal Meteorological Observatory, Xining city before the Ching Ming Festival to fine weather, the temperature difference between day and night is shrinking, but Tomb-sweeping Day and sweep the masses should pay special attention to the grassland and forest fire.

it is understood that, from April 1st to 3, the city mainly cloudy or sunny, no obvious dust and windy weather. 1, the city’s highest temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature of minus 1 degrees Celsius; on the 2 day, the city’s highest temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature of minus 2 degrees Celsius; on the 3 day, the city’s highest temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature of minus. The maximum temperature difference of 20 degrees, the maximum temperature difference between the three counties of 17 degrees, sooner or later should pay attention to the increase in clothing travel. In addition, recently is the time people sweep, and even the day of drought, grassland and forest fire situation is grim. Warm weather station to remind the public, in the sweep time must pay attention to the fire fire, will fire when leaving the sweep point, so as to avoid serious consequences. (author: Kim and
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Huang fish migratory season on Qinghai Lake live show the perfect ending

June 13th, 7 days of CCTV "on the Qinghai Lake" large migratory season Huangshui fish live show successful ending. Compared to last year, the live broadcast of aerial photographs show every day, animals, characters and more details of the characteristics of the story.

it is understood that as large CCTV live broadcast, "Huang fish migratory season this year on Qinghai Lake" pre broadcast from June 7th, since June 8th formally launched, with Qinghai Lake as the main line, with the helicopter, four rotor UAV, underwater robots and other equipment, through the air, land, water and other shooting mode, then in the form of live and on the story, to show the audience Huang fish indomitable and persistent life journey, multi angle, fully embodied the Qinghai Lake "aquatic – Fish – birds – Prairie complex ecological symbiotic system.

tells Huang fish migration at the same time, not only to show "half water half river fish", "fish carp", "war birds" wonders, will the vision of the audience to the Gan River wetland, Spring Bay Wetland, Qinghai Lake for the audience to show the title of sandy area, ecological protection and governance effect. At the same time the lens into the water, and lead the audience to quest Qinghai underwater world. read more

From 4 90 yuan to adjust the price of natural gas central heating Xining 5 77

September 29th, the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission issued a notice to formally determine the adjustment of natural gas heating prices in Xining area.


[standard] adjustment

– residential natural gas central heating from the current price of 4.90 yuan per square metre per month adjusted to 5.77 yuan per square meter per month, up 0.87 yuan per square meter per month, heating price increases to 17.76% residents; central heating prices comprising the construction area of land heating costs.

– non resident natural gas central heating prices continue to implement government guidance management, namely the central heating price in residential heating price 5.77 yuan per square metre per month on, allowed to go up 25%-30%, fall limited. Specific heating prices agreed by heating operating units in the scope of government guidance in consultations with users, and signed the agreement of non residents of central heating heating; price according to the actual construction area of land renting or owning property heating costs.
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Hold the creation of Tibetan Dance Folk Dance Festival Xining nternational Symposium

August 18th morning, jointly organized by the China Dancers Association, the Federation in Qinghai Province, Qinghai province and Xining City Dancers Association of the second session of China · Xining International Dance Festival "creation" of Tibetan Dance Collection Qinghai seminar held at the Qinghai Convention center. China Dancers Association party secretary, deputy chairman Feng Shuangbai, Bai Shuxiang, Chinese Federation honorary member of the honorary chairman of China Dancers Association from outside the province and dance world renowned experts and scholars from more than 40 people gathered in a Tibetan dance this intangible cultural art research and development, inheritance and development of the exchange seminar.

Tibetan dance art exudes a unique aroma, has become an indispensable part of the long river of Qinghai culture. "The creation of" Tibetan Dance Collection seminar as an important part of this dance festival, not only for the theoretical study of Tibetan dance creation performance, provides a new platform for the exchange, at the same time, also in promoting Chinese excellent folk dance, play the advantages of traditional folk dance resources to promote play. read more

Huangyuan seriously implement the military enterprises build demonstration village construction proj

since the military enterprises build a model village "activities, Huangyuan County carefully formulated to build a program, earnestly implement the construction project, the construction activities have achieved remarkable results.


activity, the county adhere to the "one village, a village planning style, a village, a village style characteristics, fully and accurately grasp the characteristics of the village and advantage in the industry, environment and other aspects of the work, identify the combination of points and focal points, scientific integration of various types of agricultural projects, updated and improved planning and design 18 model villages, and strive to build a strong flavor of the Huangshui River Watershed demonstration village of new rural construction; at the same time, professional and technical personnel deployed technical guidance and supervision team, increase the use of the whole process of project construction and capital supervision and inspection, strictly follow the" scientific planning and design, construction quality, project integration, reasonable strict supervision and management, financial guarantee full and timely disbursement of funds and the use of funds, regulate the safe and effective operation, so that "military enterprises build a model village" activity In order to promote the development of rural economy, "the leading project", the "leading project" of the new rural construction, the "Huimin project" and the comprehensive renovation of the environment". read more

nternet giant is in a period of anxiety

in 2015, has passed more than half this year, the Internet merge events one after another, the Internet era is coming, some of the Internet giant little anxious, worry about becoming merged a person.

add new entrants to Ctrip and where to go, with the scope of cover travel, classified information, group purchase, online travel four industries, these industries respectively in different growth period, the theory on future can accommodate two billions of dollars to the level of the company. read more