Morocco is an Impenetrable Shield Against Terrorist Plans Official

Cairo – Director of the Central Bureau for Judiciary Investigation (BCIJ) Abdelhak El Khayam said that Morocco has always been an impenetrable shield against terrorist plans and that the vigilance of Moroccan security mechanisms thwarted all terrorist attempts targeting the Kingdom.El Khayam, who gave an interview to Egyptian daily “Al Watan” on Wednesday, noted that the Kingdom’s strength in terms of the counterterrorism fight relies on the proactive approach advocated by Morocco seeking to nip in the bud any attempt that could undermine the country’s security.This proactive approach is also aimed at facing young people who enrolled in terrorist organizations to undergo training or receive instructions, he added. El Khayam underlined that the setting up of the BCIJ is part of the plan for modernizing the Kingdom’s security mechanism following the terrorist attacks committed in Morocco in the past years and seeks also to counter the terrorist threat looming over the region, notably in Morocco given its geographic location.The upsurge of the terrorism phenomenon can be explained by the current situation in the Arab region and the world in general, mainly after the emergence of El Qaeda in Afghanistan, the indoctrination of fighters with ideas of jihad and the 9/11 attacks, he said.He went on to say that the number of Moroccans who joined the different terrorist organizations is 1,609, adding that several countries do not disclose exact figures. read more