Create a civilized city of Xining and then to the sanitation workers a resting place

Beautiful summer, there is a group of lovely people, regardless of the cold, heat, keeping the city clean, they are sanitation workers. However, these hard city beautician from dawn to sunset to work hard, but not a resting place. Even the day, some people appealed to the sanitation workers a resting place

enthusiastic citizens: sanitation workers are not easy

August 14th, this newspaper, listen to the voice of the 6 sanitation workers, a text published, causing widespread concern of the public. Recently, many members of the public through the newspaper appealed, hoping to give the sanitation workers a resting place.

August 20th, Mr. Wang, who lives in the east of the provincial capital of Chaoyang Road to the newspaper 96369 news hotline said, sanitation workers in the city to pay the hard work of the beautiful, impressive. However, they are busy from morning to night. But no place to rest, I hope the relevant departments or units, to sanitation workers to provide a shelter pied-a-terre. read more