Choosing Between 2026 World Cup Bids Was Not Easy Spain

Rabat – The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has decided who it will vote for on Wednesday’s 2026 World Cup host ballot in Moscow.Spain has not revealed its decision yet. However, it has recognized that choosing was not easy.“We made the decision… but it was not easy. With both candidates we unite close cultural ties and in some geographical ties, besides our Latin roots,” said President of the RFEF Luis Rubiales. The Spaniard made his remarks at the end of a meeting of the UEFA associations in Moscow.According to EFE, Rubiales said that RFEF will consider “only and exclusively the interests of Spain and the Spanish football.”The Spanish official also described both bids as “fabulous” despite their differences.Several European countries announced their support for Morocco 2026, including France, Serbia, Russia, Belgium and Luxembourg.Morocco’s bid committee took advantage of the proximity between the North African country and European countries as the gateway to Europe and Africa. Additionally, the flights between European countries and Morocco are much shorter than to North America, and the time zone proximity is also an argument that Morocco relies on to clinch more votes.In April,  President of the African Football Confederation (CAF) Ahmad Ahmad called on European football associations to vote for Morocco’s bid.The CAF chief told AFP that a Moroccan bid serves the interest of Europe. “Time zones, distance, fans, it is a question of interest for Europe.” He also noted that Europeans “do not need a visa” to travel to Morocco.“For all that, it is estimated that Europe must vote for Morocco,” Ahmad concluded.The vote to decide which bid will be given hosting rights of the 2026 World Cup will be held in Moscow during the 68th  FIFA Congress on Wednesday, June 13. read more