This Is What A 24-Hour Phish Radio Playlist Looks Like

first_img[Via WNRN Website] Last Friday, we reported about an independent radio station, WNRN, that was planning a 24-hour Phish marathon in honor of their appearance of the 2016 edition of Lockn’. The Charlottesville, VA station fulfilled their promise with 24 hours of Phish programming, with selections spanning the band’s entire career.The station only took three commercial breaks during the 24 hour period, which spanned from 6 PM on Friday, June 3rd through 6 PM on the 4th. The full list includes some iconic selections, including the band’s 2000 show in Japan, Hampton Comes Alive, some Live Phish tracks, and more. The station also does a Grateful Dead program on Saturday mornings, and used the time to play Dead music with Trey Anastasio on lead guitar (i.e. Fare Thee Well and Furthur with Anastasio from Lockn’ 2013).You can see the full setlist below. If you’re as big of a Phish nerd as we are, you’ll be glad you did.WNRN’s Phish Playlist06:00:22p Phish Cavern 2013/10/18 Hampton, VA06:12:21p Phish Tweezer>Taste 3/7/09 Hampton Coliseum. Hampton, VA06:42:47p Phish Weekapaug Groove 7/2/1997 Amsterdam, NL07:01:43p Phish Rift Hampton Comes Alive07:13:09p Phish Divided Sky 2/17/1997 Amsterdam, NL07:34:50p Phish Undermind 8/31/2012 Dick’s Sporting Goods Commerce, CO07:56:20p Phish Gumbo 3/07/2009 Hampton Coliseum. Hampton, VA08:01:43p Phish My Friend, My Friend 6/15/10 nTelos Pavilion Portsmouth VA08:15:15p Phish Harpua >2001>Harpua 7/16/1994 Sugarbush Summerstage. North Fayston, VT08:42:10p Phish Wilson > My Soul 2/17/1997 Amsterdam, NL08:56:53p Phish The Wedge 12/05/2009 JPJA Charlottesville, VA09:03:10p Phish Sneakin’ Sally Thru The Alley 12/05/2009 JPJA Charlottesville, VA09:18:05p Phish Carini 2013/10/18 Hampton, VA09:42:23p Phish Stash > I Didn’t Know 6/15/95 Lakewood Amphitheatre – Atlanta, GA10:03:24p Phish Julius 12/7/1995 Niagara Falls Convention Center. Niagara Falls, NY10:17:12p Phish Boogie On Reggae Woman > NICU Hampton Comes Alive10:37:40p Phish The Mango Song> Down w/ Disease 6/18/94 Set: I UIC Pavilion – Univ10:59:46p Phish Heavy Things 3/07/2009 Hampton Coliseum. Hampton, VA11:05:28p Phish Punch You in the Eye 3/07/2009 Hampton Coliseum. Hampton, VA11:19:41p Phish Ghost 7/1/1997 Amsterdam, NL11:47:58p Phish The Lizards 8/26/1989 Townshed, VT Live Phish Vol. 912:01:10a Phish Gumbo 6/14/2000 Drum Lodge, Fukuoka, Japan12:01:10a Phish Llama 6/14/2000 Drum Lodge, Fukuoka, Japan12:01:10a Phish Fee 6/14/2000 Drum Lodge, Fukuoka, Japan12:54:19a Phish Split Open And Melt 6/14/2000 Drum Lodge, Fukuoka, Japan01:09:38a Phish Back On The Train 6/14/2000 Drum Lodge, Fukuoka, Japan01:23:11a Phish Twist 6/14/2000 Drum Lodge, Fukuoka, Japan01:41:22a Phish Fukuoka Jam #1 6/14/2000 Drum Lodge, Fukuoka, Japan01:57:42a Phish Walk Away 6/14/2000 Drum Lodge, Fukuoka, Japan02:04:41a Phish Fukuoka Jam #2 6/14/2000 Drum Lodge, Fukuoka, Japan02:11:48a Phish 2001 6/14/2000 Drum Lodge, Fukuoka, Japan02:26:00a Phish The Squirming Coil 6/14/2000 Drum Lodge, Fukuoka, Japan02:39:16a Phish Tube Hampton Comes Alive02:43:29a Phish Quinn The Eskimo Hampton Comes Alive02:48:11a Phish Driver Hampton Comes Alive02:51:50a Phish Split Open And Melt Hampton Comes Alive02:59:51a Phish Axilla I Hampton Comes Alive03:09:37a Phish Axilla I Hampton Comes Alive03:19:12a Phish Harry Hood > Character Zero Hampton Comes Alive03:41:51a Phish Cavern Hampton Comes Alive03:46:19a Phish Wilson > Big Black Furry Creature Hampton Comes Alive03:58:38a Phish Llama Veterans Memorial Auditorium Columbus, OH 6/22/9404:03:08a Phish The Divided Sky 8/26/1989 Townshed Family Park. Townshed, VT Live Phish Vol. 904:17:35a Phish Water in the Sky 7/10/99 E Centre, Camden NJ Live Phish Vol:804:23:29a Phish Tube Hampton Comes Alive04:27:42a Phish David Bowie 6/15/1995 Lakewood Amphitheater. Atlanta, GA04:53:21a Phish First Tube 6/15/10 nTelos Pavilion Portsmouth VA04:59:51a Phish Funky Bitch Hampton Comes Alive05:07:29a Phish Split Open And Melt Hampton Comes Alive05:22:20a Phish Boogie On Reggae Woman > NICU Hampton Comes Alive05:34:00a Phish Bathtub Gin > The Vibration of Life 11/19/1996 Municipal Auditorium. Kansas City MO05:52:25a Phish Sanity 10/31/96 Omni Atlanta, GA Live Phish Vol :1505:58:09a Phish Dogs Stole Things Hampton Comes Alive06:05:11a Phish Train Song 8/13/1996 Deer Creek Music Center. Noblesville IN Live Phish Vol. 1206:08:12a Phish Waste 8/13/1996 Deer Creek Music Center. Noblesville IN Live Phish Vol. 1206:17:13a Phish You Enjoy Myself 10/14/1995 Austin Music Hall, Austin, TX06:47:53a Phish Bittersweet Motel 8/19/1998 Lemonwheel, Limestone, Maine06:51:36a Phish Wading In The Velvet Sea Hampton Comes Alive06:58:26a Phish Roggae Hampton Comes Alive07:08:53a Phish Wolfman’s Brother 2013/10/18 Hampton, VA07:20:39a Phish Halley’s Comet 9/18/2000 Blossom Music Center – Cuyahoga Falls, OH07:39:30a Phish The Horse > Silent in the Morning 7/16/1994 Sugarbush Summerstage07:46:02a Phish AC/ DC Bag 6/15/10 nTelos Pavilion Portsmouth VA07:54:21a Phish First Tube 6/15/10 nTelos Pavilion Portsmouth VA08:04:13a Phish Theme from the Bottom 6/15/10 nTelos Pavilion Portsmouth VA08:12:30a Phish Character Zero 3/7/09 Hampton Coliseum. Hampton, VA08:22:13a Phish Timber > Billy Breathes 2/17/1997 Amsterdam, NL08:36:01a Phish Lifeboy 8/13/1996 Deer Creek Music Center. Noblesville IN Live Phish Vol. 1208:46:19a Phish Foam Hampton Comes Alive08:56:08a Phish When The Circus Comes 2013/10/18 Hampton, VA09:09:29a 5:40 Grateful Dead Built to Last Fare Thee Well Soldier Field. Chicago, IL 7/5/201509:15:10a 14:34 Grateful Dead China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider Fare Thee Well Soldier Field. Chicago, IL 7/5/201509:36:59a 7:52 Grateful Dead Samson and Delilah Fare Thee Well Soldier Field. Chicago, IL 7/5/201509:48:14a 13:38 Grateful Dead Truckin’ Fare Thee Well Soldier Field. Chicago, IL 7/5/201510:10:42a 13:10 Grateful Dead Cassidy Fare Thee Well Soldier Field. Chicago, IL 7/5/201510:32:25a 7:43 Grateful Dead Althea Fare Thee Well Soldier Field. Chicago, IL 7/5/201510:46:42a 11:00 Grateful Dead Not Fade Away Fare Thee Well Soldier Field. Chicago, IL 7/5/201511:04:58a 7:04 Furthur with Trey Anastasio Bertha 9/7/13 at Lockn’ Music Festival11:16:13a 4:43 Phish Sample In A Jar 6/22/1994 Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Columbus, OH11:25:36a 7:47 Phish Ya Mar 12/05/2009 JPJA Charlottesville, VA11:39:54a 6:54 Phish Piper Hampton Comes Alive11:53:02a 4:54 Phish Sweet Virginia 12/05/2009 JPJA Charlottesville, VA12:02:32p 4:20 Phish My Generation Live Phish Vol: 14 Rosemont Il12:04:02p 6:50 Phish Roses Are Free 10/20/2013 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton VA12:10:53p 3:42 Phish Takin’ Care of Business 10/20/13 Hampton, VA12:22:16p 5:38 Phish 2001 6/15/10 nTelos Pavilion Portsmouth VA12:27:55p 7:08 Phish Rock and Roll Live Phish Vol: 5 7/8/00 Alpine Theater, WI12:41:12p 2:41 Phish Sabotage (Live) Hampton Comes Alive12:43:54p 6:04 Phish Boogie on Reggae Woman (Live) Hampton Comes Alive12:56:14p 6:55 Phish Loving Cup (Live) Live Phish 3/6/09 Hampton Va01:03:01p 7:23 Phish Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It Hampton Comes Alive01:09:01p 4:57 Phish Bold As Love 8/26/1989 Townshed Family Park. Townshed, VT Live Phish Vol. 901:13:59p 5:11 Phish Cities SLIP, STITCH, & PASS01:19:12p 3:14 Phish Peaches en Regalia Chicago 9401:29:13p 4:34 Phish La Grange (Live)01:33:48p 4:52 Phish Tubthumping Hampton Comes Alive01:42:54p 4:41 Phish Frankenstein 12/14/1995 Broome County Arena. Binghamton, NY01:47:36p 6:38 Phish Funky Bitch Hampton Comes Alive01:54:14p 5:21 Phish Sanity 10/31/96 Omni Atlanta, GA Live Phish Vol :1502:08:04p 9:06 Phish It’s Ice 3/07/2009 Hampton Coliseum. Hampton, VA02:17:10p 6:04 Phish Mound 2013/10/18 Hampton, VA02:23:15p 6:36 Phish Saw It Again 7/1/1997 Amsterdam, NL02:36:06p 6:10 Phish Guelah Papyrus Hampton Comes Alive02:42:17p 5:37 Phish If I Could 6/22/1994 Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Columbus, OH02:55:30p 3:47 Phish Dinner And A Movie 8/26/1989 Townshed Family Park. Townshed, VT Live Phish Vol. 903:00:00p 7:33 Phish Sleeping Monkey 8/13/1996 Deer Creek Music Center. Noblesville IN Live Phish Vol. 1203:07:33p 9:06 Phish Bug 08/14/2010 Alpine Valley Music Theatre. East Troy, WI03:16:39p 9:06 Phish Ocelot 2013/10/18 Hampton, VA03:25:45p 2:17 Phish Dog Faced Boy 6/18/94 Set: I UIC Pavilion – Univ03:28:02p 12:26 Phish Llama 7/2/1997 Amsterdam, NL03:40:38p 10:09 Phish Guyute 12/7/1995 Niagara Falls Convention Center. Niagara Falls, NY03:58:55p 8:33 Phish Taste 6/15/10 nTelos Pavilion Portsmouth VA04:16:24p 9:07 Phish Runaway Jim 2013/10/18 Hampton, VA04:34:05p 10:18 Phish Maze 6/22/1994 Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Columbus, OH04:51:02p 6:39 Phish Suzy Greenberg 2013/10/18 Hampton, VA04:58:04p 6:40 Phish Fee 6/14/2000 Drum Lodge, Fukuoka, Japan05:11:25p 2:43 Phish Old Home Place 12/05/2009 JPJA Charlottesville, VA05:17:36p 10:13 Phish Run Like An Antelope 12/05/2009 JPJA Charlottesville, VA05:36:39p 6:36 Phish Chalk Dust Torture 2013/10/18 Hampton, VA05:49:41p 4:04 Phish Dirt 7/1/1997 Amsterdam, NL05:59:18p 4:11 Phish Sparkle 2013/10/18 Hampton, VAlast_img read more

Staying covered

first_imgWidespread layoffs amid the COVID-19 pandemic threaten to cut off millions of people from their employer-sponsored health insurance plans. But the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will protect many of these people and their families from losing coverage, according to a new study.The Perspective article in the New England Journal of Medicine, co-authored by Harvard University Ph.D. student Sumit Agarwal (also of Brigham and Women’s Hospital) and Benjamin Sommers, professor of health policy and economics at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, was published online Aug. 19.To quantify the ACA’s effect on changes in health insurance coverage after job loss, the researchers looked at data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, a set of large-scale surveys of families and individuals, their medical providers, and employers across the U.S. The analysis compared the trajectories of 1,350 adults who lost their jobs before 2014 — the year that the ACA’s Medicaid and marketplace provisions, aimed at increasing health insurance coverage, went into effect — with the trajectories of 1,103 adults who lost their jobs in 2014 or later. The researchers examined the insurance status of these participants during the first three months and the last three months that they were surveyed.Between 2011 and 2013, job loss was associated with an average health insurance coverage loss of 4.6 percentage points, the analysis found. The proportion of participants with any coverage decreased from 66.3 percent to 61.7 percent. The very virus that has brought about record unemployment levels is the same agent that makes health insurance — and the new options created under the ACA — more important than ever. Democratizing work for the people and the planet How COVID turned a spotlight on weak worker rights The authors noted that insurance coverage gaps remain even with the ACA, and that the law’s future is still uncertain amid a Supreme Court challenge from 18 Republican state attorneys general and the Trump administration, who are arguing that the law is unconstitutional.“In the current context of millions of Americans losing their jobs and an ongoing pandemic, overturning the ACA would most likely be devastating to patients, clinicians, hospitals, and state economies,” the authors wrote. “The very virus that has brought about record unemployment levels is the same agent that makes health insurance — and the new options created under the ACA — more important than ever.” Shutdown may be threatening millions of businesses, but reopening is fraught with challenges of its own But after the ACA went into effect — when the overall coverage rate was much higher to begin with (76.2 percent ) — job loss was no longer linked to an increase in the uninsured rate. Large gains in Medicaid (8.9 percentage points) and marketplace coverage (2.6 percentage points) nearly fully offset the reduction in employer-sponsored insurance for people who left or lost their job, according to the authors. Overall, the implementation of the ACA was associated with a 6.0-percentage-point net increase in the likelihood of having coverage after a job loss.“These results indicate the critical role that the ACA will play in alleviating coverage losses related to the Covid-associated recession,” the authors wrote.center_img Professor Julie Battilana and international collaborators lead the charge in rethinking how we work Related American economy on the bubble Block and Sachs point to flaws in the social safety net, an indifferent OSHA, and a system that favors employers over employees last_img read more

Lindenhurst Students Warned of Distracted Driving Risks

first_imgA driver uses their cell phone while behind the wheel.Jacy Good learned while hospitalized on her 22nd birthday in 2008 that the Pennsylvania crash that nearly killed her claimed her parents’ lives—thanks to a teenage driver talking on his cell phone.The White Plains resident who later dedicated her life to advocating against distracted driving shared those and other painful details during a panel discussion Wednesday at Lindenhurst High School.“We need to change the way we think about this,” Good told students assembled at the school library. “When you are driving, do what it takes to not pick up your phone.”Leading the discussion was New York State Sen. Charles Fuschillo (R-Merrick), who pointed to studies that found drivers distracted by their cell phones are 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision.“Distracted drivers put everyone’s safety at risk,” said Fuschillo, chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee. “Technology enables us to communicate with one another almost whenever and wherever we want, but it endangers lives when drivers pay more attention to a text or email than to the road ahead.”Trooper Frank Bandiero, who was also on the panel, said that distracted drivers—20,000 of whom were ticketed by state police between July 2011 and July 2012, including 1,400 on LI—are easy to spot since they drive erratically. He said that parents need to set an example for their kids by not using their phones while driving.A recent survey found that 58 percent of high school seniors and 43 percent of high school juniors said they had texted or emailed while driving during the previous month, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.“Young people, we think we’re invincible,” said Kristen Curran, a senior at Lindenhurst High School who recently obtained her driver’s license and joined the panel. “We think we have so many more years to come, but that’s not the truth.” Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York last_img read more

Santita Ebangwese keys Syracuse volleyball’s 5-set win over Wake Forest

first_imgWith the game on the line, Syracuse kept feeding Santita Ebangwese and she delivered. Off a set from one of her teammates, Ebangwese flew over and pounded the ball right through Wake Forest’s front line.When the ball hit the ground, she screamed in celebration. The kill gave the Orange its first win in three games.Ebangwase had been dominant all game. In the final set, she broke out scoring four of the teams last five points on kills.Syracuse (6-15, 5-6 Atlantic Coast) beat Wake Forest (9-13, 5-6) in a five-set match in the Women’s Building on Friday night. Ebangwese led the way for SU with 16 kills and a dominant fifth-set performance.Ebangwese was influential from the start, though. In the first set, she leapt high, got under the ball and lofted one into the back right corner of the court. The ball dropped and gave Syracuse a one-point lead at the end of the set, which it eventually won.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text“The first set most of my kills were tips in the right spot,” Ebangwese said, “I kept tipping and tipping and said, ‘Let’s get a hit in there.’ Just to let them I can hit as well as tip so they respect that too.”Aside from leading the team in kills, she finished with no errors and a .640 hit percentage.She was a vocal leader on and off the court, getting just as fiery for a teammates success as her own. She communicated orders, helped teammates get set up and belted out yells to celebrate points SU won.“Santita’s crazy on the court, after she gets a kill or a block she’s going crazy,” teammate Belle Sand said. “Teams that are energetic, it carries throughout the entire team, I think everyone feels her excitement.”Ebangwese’s play elevated the Orange, head coach Leonid Yelin said. The individual hitting percentages were one of the biggest weaknesses to take away from SU’s victory Friday night.“It’s hard to believe we overcame it,” Said Coach Yelin, “I don’t remember (when it’s ever happened) and we still (won).”But Yelin did acknowledge Ebangwese’s play. She was one of two players on the Orange to surpass 10 kills (Anastasiya Gorelina had 11) and had the most total attack attempts without an error on the team.Yelin said her hot streak was due to a change in strategy.“Lately we’ve been playing safe,” Yelin said, “It felt like if we started feeding Santita in the middle they were not ready for it.” Comments Published on October 28, 2016 at 11:45 pm Contact Michael: [email protected] | @MikeJMcCleary Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

Jalen Ramsey out for Rams’ season finale with knee injury

first_img Associated Press Television News Last Updated: 25th December, 2019 12:40 IST Jalen Ramsey Out For Rams’ Season Finale With Knee Injury Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey will not play in the season finale against Arizona on Sunday because of a knee injury. SUBSCRIBE TO US Written By First Published: 25th December, 2019 12:40 IST LIVE TVcenter_img Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey will not play in the season finale against Arizona on Sunday because of a knee injury. Coach Sean McVay said that Ramsey is out after sustaining a knee injury in the 34-31 loss at San Francisco on Saturday that eliminated the Rams (8-7) from playoff contention.“He had a Grade 2 sprain of the LCL and will be out for the game,” McVay said Tuesday. Ramsey should recover in 4 to 6 weeks and is not expected to require surgery, McVay said. Ramsey had 33 tackles, one interception and one forced fumble in nine games with the Rams after being acquired from Jacksonville in a trade on Oct. 15. WATCH US LIVE COMMENT FOLLOW USlast_img read more

DD Motoring: Manus, the Motor Club and St. Eunans are the winners in Donegal

first_imgBy Brian McDaidIt’s got a bit like Kelly’s Corner down outside the front door of the Mt. Errigal Hotel come rally time these last few years.The Jim Kennedy Memorial Cup travels just a few yards across the road from its permanent residence in reception at TFS, which Manus Kelly is the owner of. Manus Kelly works away in his office, which overlooks where the finishing ramp is for the rally every year. Advertisement Last Friday morning, Kelly swapped his swivelling office chair for a Subaru seat for the weekend and seems to make all this winning look so easy.Manus Kelly in his native Glenswilly. Photo Brian McDaidThe Jim Kennedy Cup back in permanent residence at Manus Kelly’s office across the road from the MT. Errigal Hotel. Photo Brian McDaidOn Sunday evening Rory Kennedy made his way back to the finishing ramp minus a Subaru, he was on foot following his retirement while battling for the lead with his driver Gary Jennings. (They de-railed their challenge near Harleys of Trentagh on the Gartan stage.) Under Rory’s coat he carried his late father’s cup, The Jim Kennedy Memorial Cup to the side of the finishing ramp, ready for the presentation back to the winner for the third time, Donegal’s Manus Kelly and Donall Barrett.I often think about the late Jim Kennedy around rally time and others like him from Donegal that passed on that made the Donegal Rally the success it is.Rory Kennedy and Gary Jennings at the finish of the rally on Saturday evening pictured with Terence Diver. Photo Brian Mc DaidBack at the start when it was the old Ballyraine Hotel, Jim Kennedy was a competitor driving a Hillman Imp or a Hillman Hunter, with Fr. Willie Mc Menamin calling the notes. In them days it was Curley who was the name on everybody’s lips winning three in a row. Then it was Colman in the eighties who matched 3 in a row and now when Jim Kennedy has passed on its Kelly is the local name to rewrite motoring history which will be etched for the third time on the winners cup. Advertisement Gary Jennings and Rory Kennedy in action on Saturday stage in Carnhill. before their retirement in Trantagh. Photo Brian McDaidWhen Curley and Coleman scored hat-tricks in Donegal they were heroes on Sunday night at the finish ramp. and we gone on Monday. As a spectator and photographer of motorsport for years the three days of the Donegal is an escape from the routine of everyday life.You may be standing on the ditch at a rally, in body looking in to the rally cars, but in spirit you’re in the car looking out willing on your heroes over the rally weekend.Manus Kelly and Donall make it three in a row in Donegal at the rally. Photo Brian McDaidIt’s a bit different and hard to know what way to act when your hero turns out to be local and from your own town. Irish people have a culture of not knowing how to give or accept a compliment because they spent all of their life listening to everyone telling them what they were doing wrong.Local competitors on the Donegal Rally are as good as anyone that comes to compete in the rally in June. Even in the wet at the start this year the pace didn’t slow, Manus Kelly set the pace and Damien Tourish did like wise in the National at the start of the event and fans just love the pace of the event. Add to this the welcome and atmosphere for the weekend of the rally. I met marshals from all over Ireland who travelled to Donegal for weekend and wouldn’t miss it for the world. The organising committee of the motor club have produced another top class event.Some of the marshals that travelled from all over Ireland to help on the Donegal Rally at the weekend. Photo Brian McDaidFrom tents to turnstiles.A packed St Eunan’s GAA grounds which doubled as a camp site for the Donegal rally at the weekend. Photo Brian McDaidOn Monday evening this week driving out past the O’Donnell Park the training pitch was full of footballers going through their paces. A day before that the same area was full to capacity of tents for the Donegal International Rally. It reminded me of the old Letterkenny Folk Festival when it was in full swing. The Folk Festival drew massive crowds to Letterkenny.It wasn’t twin cams but was the rattle of Morris Dancers with their bells sticks rattling about Letterkenny. The town was buzzing from Thursday night to Sunday evening. Local Band Clannad from Gweedore came first in the Letterkenny Folk Festival back then before going on to sign their first record deal with Polydor records. The rest for Clannad is history.Clanad who won their first major music competition at the Letterkenny Folk Festival.At the weekend it wasn’t the bells of Morris Dancers making the noise in Letterkenny it was the manifolds and walk through exhaust systems of supped up road cars. While a lot in Letterkenny were giving out about them. St Eunan’s GAA club decided to capitalise on the massive foot fall arriving in Letterkenny for the weekend. This year the grounds of the O’Donnell Park were full to near capacity of motorsport spectators. Members of St. Eunans GAA club transform their ground into a perfectly organised and safe location for tourist to come to Co.Donegal.Members of St. Eunans GAA club came out in big numbers to organise and run a very professional camp site for the weekend of the rally. The site was manned around the clock had a shop and food available on site along with shower and toilet facilities. The club provided a much needed pop up rally village for the weekend that gave a new dimension to accommodation for a sporting event like the rally.Happy Motoring Folks.DD Motoring: Manus, the Motor Club and St. Eunans are the winners in Donegal was last modified: June 21st, 2018 by Brian McDaidShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Brian McDaiddonegal international rallyManus KellySt Eunan’s GAAlast_img read more