This TI Graphing Calculator Runs Doom

first_imgThose people who went to school in the 90s are probably more used to having a trust TI-80 series graphing calculator in their backpack than an iPhone or iPad, and the things you could do with a TI calculator and a little bit of time were pretty impressive. It was remarkably easy to start programming games, building text-adventure apps, and of course, programming all of your exam notes into an app you could run from the calculator – after all, your calculator was one of the few things you were almost always allowed to have during a test.Some TI enthusiasts over at Omnimaga have taken these basics to the next level though: some of the members there have managed to get the classic first-person-shooter Doom to run on a real calculator, and have video to prove it (behind the jump.) The game reportedly crashes after 30 seconds of play, but the subsequent posters in the thread note that this is a little odd and something that can likely be fixed. Regardless, it’s impressive enough that the game runs at all, let alone looks this good.  [via Kotaku]last_img read more