iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max LTE connectivity at par with Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Google Pixel 2

first_imgThe iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max may pack Intel modems but Apple’s new iPhones are at par with the Qualcomm-based Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Google Pixel 2 in terms of cellular (LTE) connectivity. Intel modems are generally considered slower than their Qualcomm counterparts but tests conducted by PCMag in partnership with Cellular Insights suggest Intel might be catching up with Qualcomm.The tests pitted the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max against the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Google Pixel 2. The iPhone X was also used as a reference, and the tests indicate that Apple’s next-generation iPhones are superior than the last-generation models as far as cellular connectivity is concerned. The tests were apparently conducted at a hardware level while simultaneously taking into account real-world usage.The tests were conducted on 20MHz channel of Band 4 which is used by major carriers in the US as well as Canada. Hardware tests were done using the Rohde & Schwarz measurement equipment while real-world LTE tests were based on Ookla’s crowdsourced Speedtest Intelligence database.Overall, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max performed nearly on par with the Galaxy Note 9 and Pixel 2. While the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max pack Intel’s next-generation XMM7560 LTE modem, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Pixel 2 pack Qualcomm modems in the X20 and X16, respectively. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are notably the first iPhones to sport 4×4 MIMO antennas.There is not a remarkable difference between the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max but if one was to nitpick, the larger iPhone does offer slightly better LTE connectivity, the test suggest.advertisementApple and Qualcomm are at loggerheads over patented LTE technologies. Qualcomm recently accused Apple of stealing its patented wireless technology for several years to help boost Intel’s chances of building faster modems. This in turn would allegedly help Apple reduce its reliance on Qualcomm for devices like the iPhone. Qualcomm has asked the court to penalize Apple through undisclosed fines, and also it wants the court to force Apple to stop using Intel’s modems.ALSO READ: Qualcomm says Apple stole its patented modem tech and gave it to Intellast_img read more