Analysis on the Shanghai dragon WHY Chain Report

3. is down, otherwise we found in hundreds of thousands of the chain, found a very strange thing, they never do e-commerce at some sites, such as some websites we can open the company at the top, and businesses also provide us with independent station, never send the information, or I’m a little careless, did not find it still, my conclusion is correct?

since I love the Shanghai dragon WHY, every day no matter how busy will go to Shanghai for a dragon WHY hours, or even longer, because it let me learn a lot of things, from the beginning of the rookie to now basically can pick one, from primary school to Master, of course Master is not the ultimate goal, because the ultimate goal is the Deputy administrator, and the teacher Cardiff common webmaster line, Shanghai dragon WHY gave himself a force. Then I specialized in spare time, the chain specializes in Shanghai dragon WHY, he summed up the points, no respect. The details are as follows:


2. support, no second of the awesome, Shanghai dragon WHY it does not always do so well, for several time ranking has been good, I want to say, I hope those who ought to thank Shanghai dragon WHY a group of silent support you, if not their support, I would not have today’s achievements, why do they say that? A number of natural hobby Shanghai dragon people, they know the Shanghai dragon WHY, in their eyes, Shanghai dragon is a potential, so people slowly remember Shanghai dragon WHY, there are several Shanghai dragon people take WHY as their strength, because the understanding of Shanghai Dragon WHY is a proud, such as wired them in written text, articles, blogs and so on, they all love the Shanghai dragon as an example, Some people themselves do Shanghai dragon, but in their minds, they never did Shanghai dragon WHY as a competitor, as a deep hatred in their hearts, but the home page on their website (here is not only the home page) take the Shanghai dragon as their WHY as their example, some people………………… .

1. WHY in Shanghai Longfeng not famous at the time, before the Shanghai dragon WHY has done a lot of artificial chain, such as we can see from its establishment time, make a comparison between them and the hair of the chain of time, this let a person be sure, Shanghai dragon WHY is not hypocritical, because they there is a strong team of supporters it silently.

The But even if there is a

is the 5. mode of cooperation, and some sites for cooperation, such as the knight of hair on top of their programs, so that they can send the chain, but the effect will be better, because they are in some very awesome website hair.

4. directory submission, from the observation of so many of the chain, is almost in the directory to submit this class didn’t find any, no traces of.

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