Analysis Shanghai dragon Er original article writing and publishing points

1. the original title is attractive and meaningful content on the site. (such as: people want to know but fell in love with the sea can not find it can be used to do the topic)

is a web site preparatory work ready (the contents of the site and filled to the site, then we set the title) the next step is to let love Shanghai visit our website, we grasp the content of the article. How to let the spider love Shanghai patronize? The key lies in the website content.

to write original articles and release will also pay attention to the following points of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques.

high quality of the original article is easy to attract the spider crawling, but also can improve the user’s lead.

3. original articles must have authenticity, not resort to deceit. Because users of your web page from your click title, stating the title of your attraction to him, but if you click on the findings from the article can not find the answer, then you will soon turn off the site. The next time you see the website will not click go to see.


2. the original title and content do not stack keywords. Because the accumulation of keyword search engines will be regarded as cheating.

7. original articles in the first paragraph, and at the end of words, may be appropriate to the key words in bold, underline, red etc.. Play a emphasize the role of search engine to tell the word, cause attention of spiders.

6. new sites updated the original article is best not to put too many links, can according to the proportion of words to add keyword hyperlinks. (an article is best not more than 5 links), because the anchor link more keyword density will be greater, will be loved in Shanghai that have suspected of cheating. And the original article written words must not be less than 500 words.

4. original articles to the contents of the logic through, easy to understand, can play a connecting role. Because the content to write if you can play a connecting role, a mind very easy to drive users, see the contents of the second paragraph from the first paragraph. And what does not appear too professional terms, because not all users are aware of these terms is what meaning, easy to understand the discourse is loved by the users.

5. is a fixed time every day to update the original articles. But why is there a fixed time? Asked the network the study found that the timing to publish the article in addition to let oneself have a good habit, every time published articles can also let the love of spiders in Shanghai to develop a good habit of grabbing. We can recommend this time to release (9 a.m., 11 noon, three p.m.)

(2) original article can have better ranking, can bring traffic to your site.

(3) at the end of the original article content into web site if it is reproduced, can increase the weight of the chain site and web site.

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