Another upstart after 80 jumei Chen Ou’s businessTaxi application spring really arrived

for a booming application, having the market and not being able to profit from it is the worst thing. China’s electricity suppliers are also many examples of the fall. In addition, we can also observe the most popular two social applications in recent years, micro-blog and WeChat. Users of the two applications is a super large number, while Sina and Tencent behind in order to maintain the normal operation of the two applications and spent a lot of manpower and resources, but because of the profit model is not clear, Sina micro.

one, the market immaturity has been full,


"after 80" is known as "bitter force" generation. More than 10 years of hard study, after graduation, but with unemployment, can not find work; find jobs, income is not high, can not afford to buy houses and cars; now many people still have old single, reduced to "left male 3S lady". Under such pressure, the embarrassment of life can be imagined.

two, market chaos leads to vicious competition,

has no clear solution to the barriers to competition, access to more taxi software also led to some vicious competition, such as offline promotion personnel malicious uninstall other software to fast taxi and shook his trick car outbreak PR slobber war, this industry is not big before, had been caught in the whirlpool of malicious competition. But on the other hand, because the taxi behind are managed by the taxi company, the application effect of taxi software to direct the deployment of taxi taxi companies, taxi companies will find ways to combat the impact of software such as taxi, taxi software launched its own, with its own unique advantages in resources such as fleet resources, market supervision the characteristics of traffic control, to curb the impact of software taxi taxi companies, taxi software to break the geographical barriers to form their own resources is not an easy thing, this is also to some extent hindered the taxi software development and maturity.

in fact, earlier, Chen Ou’s entrepreneurial ideals have been sprouting. "The third and fourth, when graduate soon, everyone is looking for a job, but I really don’t know what to do, I don’t want to continue reading, and then master and doctor after graduation to find work, so follow the prescribed order is not suitable for me. The entrepreneurial story of the Internet inspired me, and I chose to start a business." Then, in the fourth year of college, Chen Ou started an online game platform with a notebook, and Garena successfully accumulated the first pot of gold.

three, the profit way is not clear,



, that’s a bad omen. Because the full market will lead to a high threshold to enter, but the market share of the company and the market can not develop into a mature market, or this will take a long process. Look at the taxi market, the first is technology company launched a taxi applications, due to the application of design is relatively simple, after the pilot began to enter the field of taxi and success, more technology companies saw its strong market potential, the influx of the taxi software has more than 30 models, and this number will maintain a certain growth potential. However, if the taxi software cannot break due to geographical and space caused by the barriers to competition, access to more taxi software will only make the taxi market become chaotic, directly affect the development of the taxi market.

is not called "frustration failure episode it just start on the road encounter, is a small stones in your way, you can put him away, can also cross the past, as long as the trip is good." What’s behind this description? What about Chen Gull? What do you mean after 80,

since the second half of last year, taxi applications gradually entered the people’s view, perhaps by the spring has just arrived that wisp of spring breeze, taxi applications also become hot in the major cities. From the beginning of "shook his trick car taxi drops fast taxi up to 30 now quite a variety of applications," such as the night suddenly spring to the pear tree open feeling. However, a hot market behind the taxi company means considerable income and good prospects for development, I do not think so.

talked about the motivation for entrepreneurship, Chen Ou told reporters: "before going to college in Standford, we have a business school atmosphere: Change, lives, Change, organization., Change, the, world.". Change your life, change your organization, change the world. This style has profoundly influenced me, and entrepreneurship is just to achieve this goal."

studying abroad, Stanford University, MBA graduate, returnees entrepreneurship…… These experiences reveal the personality of Chen ou: unwilling to accept arrangements, hoping to play their own piece of day. Jumei, which he founded, has become a popular cosmetics shopping site for many women, and his entrepreneurial dream has inspired many of his peers. "You" in Tianjin satellite TV program, Chen Europe with its handsome style to attract a large number of job seekers has become one of the guests impressed the audience.

"I hope that in any case, we should maintain an optimistic attitude and struggle together. We must not be defeated by the pressure of life."." In front of the 80 upstart, jumei, CEO, Chen Europe to 80 cheer". Sunshine, vibrant, passionate, full of positive energy, this is Chen Ou’s impression, and that is exactly what he wants to convey to the post-80s generation.

this reporter bean rising

jumei has undoubtedly changed people’s lives, and Chen Ou also hopes to change more people through his own experience and bring more positive energy to them". "I hope more young people will be able to take part in the business and work hard together to create it."

"to live is to change the world."

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