Taobao guests how Taobao shopkeeper AmoyDo Wangzhuan do not fall into the lottery money trap

"… The credibility of the stability of money project, the most popular item, you only have a certain principal, earning 500 yuan really is not difficult, professional color figures out a plan for us, the winning rate of more than 80%…" "special," lottery master ", he specialized on gambling money to survive…" "we have a professional instructor for us to analyze the number… Probability problem, as long as the analysis of its probability, then the chance of winning the lottery will rise sharply…" "money project for beginner alone, join our lottery lottery program, we project group will have the guidance of a teacher, timing analysis can predict the trend for everyone provide timely lottery each period, through the analysis of the results, the winning rate of 80%. It’s not a problem to arrange your funds and tracking plan reasonably and earn tens of dollars every day. "

that’s just what I stumbled across, and here’s a brief demonstration:

The so-called "

" lottery lottery expert "master", in fact is an agent of a lottery platform, the platform will according to his membership in the lottery platform consumption how many there are about 10% of the Commission, so they are hard to promote what experts take you earn 500 yuan "and so on, in fact, the lottery platform to make money," experts "to make money, so, the ultimate victims who plays the gambling man, some lottery agent make HeiXinQian, called members to deceive the assembly line, and finally make the" experts ", lose the member, lost after they kick you out of a lot of Internet gambling group! They are liars kangaroo guess prize, let who earn, who lose money is a liar to say, you think, if we are winning, the swindler can only drink the northwest wind in this world has. A retarded liar,

such a process is very simple, as long as found, no matter which shopkeeper will use this technology to promote their baby. Hey, it’s a free promotion,

actually, when users start on a shoestring betting, usually winning, allowing users to earn a little money, users began to taste the sweetness, huge bets, the swindler began mad money, was behind the "lottery", the user’s chances of winning can be imagined.


Taobao customers temporarily fire, always want to spend less money on Taobao customers, advertisers are planning how to set up the commission. But some advertisers do not give money for advertising. This is what more than Ali’s mother would have thought, advertisers have found that Taobao customers can be useful".

2, on the website put Ali mother advertising Adsense, if you want to put Taobao guest, really still have money to win the space, the next station for everyone to analyze, how to use the station Taobao customers earn money. >

at the same time, the website also lists them every day hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of cash earnings map and data, make a lot of people being tempted, confusedly doing gold dream to join the "lottery money" ranks the results as can be imagined.


1, this promotion behavior is fraud, should be punished by Ali mother, because this cheated his child.



so, some do not know or not set Taobao guest webmaster, in vain for these abominable shopkeeper advertising, commission is not get. It is all in vain!


‘s mother is not easy, but now the mom website owners almost all angry ah, we all feel that the mother is too Lo people the money.

! !

"lottery Wangzhuan" is in fact a kind of gambling behavior, is now a hot trick on the network, whether we often see advertisements in the group, the experts take you earn 500 of paint advertising, in fact experts will make money, why would he take you to make money together, eat full support

Taobao guest highest Commission set rate is 50%, some businesses all say OK, all products Commission is fixed 50%.

this set of N more, like the shopkeeper sent more than 400, and that must be good business, the credibility of quite high people. Take a look at the Taobao description of the shopkeeper,

next, highlight a few points:

we all know, Ali mother limited N multi station put on time, long billing authority, the purpose is only one, vigorously promote Taobao customers. Such a practice, so that heavy mother customer service complaints constantly. This really reflects the "mother of the world, untold hardships are for their children," Ali mother has been working for the Taobao children in this effort

this guy is really cattle, really heart, open Taobao spell is stamina, so a little credibility of the shopkeeper, the heart sends 500 products, then we open again to see the description of the baby.

here, happy little Wangzhuan remind everyone, especially those involved in just Wangzhuan rookie, do not listen to the so-called "lottery Wangzhuan" attractive publicity, as the saying goes: the sky will not fall pie

Taobao customers have been promoted, the use of Taobao customers to make money, Taobao dispensers are really enough, indicating that the mother did not waste in painstaking effort, and finally Taobao customers have to play a useful role.


at the moment, there are many Wangzhuan sites to advertise their so-called "lottery Wangzhuan project" in their advertising be in full swing, please:

well, you should understand that this ordeal, the shopkeeper is a trumpet, is to advertise the headquarters.

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