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has a good plan to obtain financing in hot areas, to attract a young team, make an innovative product, the company hired us to do brand marketing in the current business environment, these are not difficult, but it looks very warm and successful achievements are not directly equate. Beginning millet thought, need in the passion of the warm, clear understanding of these six seemingly cold fact.

the first and more money will be spent

entrepreneurship is something that requires passion and a sense of reason. It’s not just relying on persistence to succeed. More chicken soup, but also can not change a sales. The success of a large company, the success of a small product, are the result of many factors. At the very least, funds, plans, teams, ideas, operations, and responses are integral to each other.

one day

can not do without planning, but there is no plan for once and for all.

math is a strange thing, especially about money. A startup often has extra costs, but it’s hard to get extra income. In a business environment where successful financing is the key to success, excessive patience and instant success in profits are equally extreme. Two extreme negative influences are not immediate. Plenty of money and patience can easily lead to thought swings.

reading this I believe we understand a truth, the Internet real money people are those who have the products, I have contacted a Adult supplies independent operators, there are many advertising his website, and he cast advertising willing to spend money, an advertisement usually 2000IP station a month a he can give you the price of six hundred or seven hundred. But your website only takes one month to give him 1 single volume, he has earned. Also, like Taobao customers, usually when we hear so and so a month earned thousands of, but in this promotion of several thousand behind, that shop, he earned how much?

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many people who do not have direct career experience, are not familiar with various business concepts, like thick business plans, obsessed with prophetic anticipation. Nobody can give you a call to the peak of the industry leader and kit, detailed plan will not be applicable to the execution of 100%. So Mr Wang Yangming’s "unity" is widely accepted.

is a successful product in the capital market and the consumer market success. In any case, cash flow through the consumer market is a top priority for private enterprises. It is evident to anyone reason, before the money in the end who is expected profitable thing. Before that, spending money was also an important issue. The necessary expenses are inherent in any industry, is not the province million, for example on some equipment industry, "to do good work, will benefit its", for some value to the industry image and so on, and can not cash expenditure as far as possible without.

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primary enterprises want cash flow, intermediate enterprises solidify assets, and senior enterprises invest in the future. This is a routine phenomenon. In fact, any enterprise should invest and invest in consumer awareness. Buried in a good product is the necessary overhead, but private enterprises do products, simply immersed in products, not good marketing will be profitable, and that’s all myths. Only spend money on product research and development, it is called overhead, do a good job marketing, so that consumers recognize products is called investment. No Lun is apple or millet, any good publicity product is kingly brand, their marketing is generous. In addition, the team is also investment.

second, and the perfect plan needs to be trimmed,

on the Internet, there is also such an economic model, grassroots Adsense like backward countries, they are producing IP production. Advertising unions can be reluctantly described as developing countries, while advertisers who own products are developed countries on the internet. They put money into the advertising union. Then by the advertising alliance with low-cost grassroots Adsense IP bought, and finally produced more and greater economic interests. And as a backward country grassroots webmaster, there is a sentence called backwardness, will be beaten. So grassroots Adsense hard produce out of IP, and eventually in the advertising League there will be faced with crazy button, even in K and other tragic events.

I remember an economist who has such a brief analysis of the world developed behind the country’s economic model: backward countries usually is the production of raw materials and the development of China this is the processing of raw materials, the developed country is the ultimate product appearance. Developed countries with low prices from poor countries to buy raw materials, and then use the cheap production according to their own patented technology and labor force, and finally produced something to sell at high prices to the backward countries and developing countries.

I am writing this article is mainly to and share your opinions, when a lot of grassroots webmaster to do what the site lost money, it may be more empathy, more understanding of some other industries covered many other types of network model to make money, so that we can find out the network to make money, not to web site.

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