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2, angle of view.



this article is indeed revealed some phenomenon in the big city, but is no problem, but it looks like a sentimental girl keeps talking to you about life.

as a novice, Wangzhuan legality is certainly the most concern, this point I’d like to introduce an objective description, we are all under the leadership of the party, the party is not allowed to let us do what we can’t do what, but there is a friend to see the legal provisions are not allowed to do Wangzhuan if issued provisions, we also dare to pay attention to is not, even higher? Real expressly illegal MLM metamorphism and still have people do. That someone might say Wangzhuan mode like MLM, how do you explain? Feel shy, let me explain it to turn the laws of the state capital, I can only speak with the facts, the forum posts Wangzhuan Wangzhuan number is innumerable, the number is not clear, do Wangzhuan do not calculate, you know can not be calculated, evidence of a pendulum in front of everyone, don’t these people are fools, are all liars, are criminals, ha ha, the conclusion judge for yourself. In fact, I just do it also very worried about these problems, was also hesitated for N days, ha ha, up to now was psychological normal, but since it has been paid close attention to this aspect also has to understand that, what do not hesitate, after all, you do not, there must be someone else to do.

two days ago, an article about how 20 million people pretended to live in Beijing, instantly harvested about 4 million of the reading.

one night, on the streets of Beijing, he looked out of the window lights and said, "in a few years, >!"

was China Internet technology and information are concentrated in Beijing, in order to better promote the Chinese yellow pages, Ma resigned job as an English teacher, with Chinese pages marketing director heyibing, first met when the North drift, first Chinese first Internet Co "Ying Haiwei" founder Zhang Shuxin, to seek the opportunity of cooperation. However, Zhang Shuxin is not optimistic about the Ma, the two part. Not only is Zhang Shuxin, when Beijing’s first batch of Internet Co are almost no good ma.



1, legal point of view.


as a beginner on see the post that attractive advertising slogan "ten thousand" and "lying in bed will be able to make money, oh do not be confused by these signs, this time need to calm down, do you think there will be any good unearned, have heaven diaoxianbing thing? These are not those ads! Language is the predecessor to pay to get Wangzhuan after the action result, if you spend money to join, didn’t do what they thought they can become a millionaire, oh, no! So in membership after you should learn from your superiors, learning basic knowledge of network marketing and promotion methods, we often hear a word" success can be replicated "as long as you seriously have perseverance month million yuan is a phase, but don’t see that writing advertisements have a dream of getting rich, and a Impulse to join, so emotional added, often the result is the last to give up or lose confidence, so when you join in Wangzhuan to look at their own can not adapt to the group and the real pay, or otherwise do not contact, lest add not to earn money, they said do Wangzhuan are liars oh, there are such people, do not know if you contact it, I met many.

no way, no connections, no resources, Ma had to run around in Beijing, selling their own Chinese yellow pages, but no one ignored him.

, in the words of the media man Ho, is this:

Wangzhuan industry through the course of a few years, can see the day into the tens of thousands of millions of dollars a year full of news, but the sad only Wangzhuan talent to know, in the face of the financial crisis after 2010, you face and how much can grasp the opportunity, in fact, as long as you grasp 3 key points, can let you easily win in the Wangzhuan industry.

at that time, CCTV for MA in a documentary, in which ma comb eight separately, carrying a black shoulder bag, knocking at the door and said "I was selling China Yellow Pages", then please go out by the other side "". During the filming, a choreographer said to his colleague, "this man doesn’t look like a good guy at first sight."." Can be described as cynical.

it can be said that many things in society are not mastered by everyone

rich praise their own poor, blame society; five sets of wood, hard life and dogs; opportunities, and too high prices; success to immigrants, failure was cast; I work, this is your life.

read this several bigwigs of experience in Beijing, presumably a lot of people’s minds are filled with a thousand regrets. In fact, not only Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou also make people feel great pressure. The people here also laugh at themselves as "deep drift" and "wide drift"". But what about it,

3, the angle of consciousness.

in fact, Beijing is not a fresh thing, Ma Yun, Robin Li, Liu Qiangdong and other chiefs also worked as Beijing! They do not suffer? They are not tired? They don’t get homesick? They also bitter, tired and homesick, but they all boil down, finally got all their own.


1995, Ma Yun founded Chinese yellow pages, this is Ma Yun’s first career in the internet.

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