Ctrip’s troubles low prices and mobile nternet double impactHow can be a successful Taobao custom

operating environment macroeconomic uncertainty have not been eliminated, Ctrip rival elong full-scale hotel market, where the network attention ticket booking services, a number of new mobile application companies do a stampede in Ctrip online travel market, the dominance seems not guaranteed.

Ctrip in 2012 second quarter, Ctrip total operating income was 1 billion yuan $162 million, an increase of 16%, but its operating profit was 168 million yuan $26 million, down 37%. At the same time, the operating margin for the quarter was 17%, down 15% from 32% in the same period in 2011. Recently, the world’s largest Exchange Company NASDAQ micro-blog group announced changes in the NASDAQ -100 index – Ctrip has been excluded from the index range. Because in the past two years, Ctrip’s share price showed a downward trend, shrinking nearly 70%, or greater than the overall trend of China’s stocks.

In the

"back to war" and "buy" war…… Ctrip, eLong, the same process, mango and other online travel companies are constantly pushing the price war to the boiling point.

is currently on the Internet Wangzhuan project, Taobao customer profit model is a bellwether, why Taobao will be just two years so the fire? It is because Taobao guest let traffic into cash ratio to far beyond some of the advertising medium, so most of the small owners to join them. Even large websites have hung off Taobao promotion link, Taobao is off the temptation so great! In our real life or in the virtual world will have success and failure, there will still be a lot of people unable to gain wealth from Taobao customers, then to give you a brief analysis if a successful Taobao guest.

three, dig long tail keywords


transformation of some long tail keywords rate tends to be much higher than the rate of conversion of single keywords, so when choosing keywords might add some long tail keywords, long tail keywords benefit is less competition and easy ranking, the conversion rate is also good, is worth us to explore. this article by aiqimi webmaster original, starting A5, reprinted please indicate here, thank you!

one, learn to adapt

but when the same is Ren Xin of Shanghai Jiaotong University Alumni in Sina micro-blog to Ctrip CEO Fan Min wrote a long message, expressed on Ctrip this ship reverence, and that their operation is a very small enterprises, the emergence of a new model is also good for the entire industry hope, fan min can give the living space. But Fan Min did not hope to get to this friendly little juniors respond.

as of March 31, 2012, Ctrip cash and short-term investment balance of $819 million. As share prices continue to fall, Ctrip said it will spend $300 million to buy back shares, and then put in 500 million U. S. dollars, began low-priced promotions. Buy in Travel >

two, pay attention to user experience,

time passes very quickly. In July 26, 2012, Fan Min led the Ctrip, eLong, where to go to group purchase search, tonight hotel special offer as the representative of the new model of Tourism under the impact of many online, has been faced with the continued decline in performance problems.

in the real world, the customer is God, and in the virtual network in the visitor is God, we should use the beautiful, simple page, and the contents in the station to keep visitors, let them remember our website, so that next time you can also visit our website. So pay special attention to the user experience.

he is worried that a new model of online travel they just launched the i.e. tonight hotel after 6 Weifang through mobile terminals such as mobile phone with low prices will be blocked Ctrip booking. Because at that time, a unique Ctrip has a strong control of the hotel, in accordance with the agreement, and Ctrip co-operation of the hotel and dare not privately cooperate with other hotels.

October 2011, tonight hotel special price, United founder Ren Xin is anxious very much.

we all know that L-carnitine slimming medicine good promotion, high commission, many people choose this diet pills to promotion, is Taobao customers only L-carnitine is involved in the promotion? Thousands on thousands of goods waiting for you to discover, why go to extremes? And others thought we can learn, but to avoid competition with others, we want to achieve success in the shortest time, so as not to waste a lot of time and energy.

, ctrip Nasdaq:CTRP, hereinafter referred to as the "Ctrip" of the online travel market dominance is still there, but the opponent is no longer the follower was weak. In the competition of strangulation in Ctrip increase cycle.

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