Ali mother will always let Adsense sadGo your own way and earn someone else’s money

, I won’t imagine this world as perfect, so innocent, and go my own way and let others torture me.


they don’t look at it. Just click the mouse to send the machine automatically,

go his own way and earn someone else’s money,

today this life, no justice, no transparency, no human nature.


as a personal webmaster, every day must do, in addition to the daily update, maintenance site, I care about, 1., the site traffic has changed; 2. advertising fees have?. Do not say I am vulgar, I believe most of the webmaster, like me, looking forward to more advertising costs, nourishing their little days. Mr. Ma Yun said, "today is cruel, tomorrow is cruel, the day after tomorrow is beautiful, and most people die tomorrow night.". In order to strive to see the day after tomorrow’s dawn, we still adhere to, and stick to what is, or for the Internet tomorrow, a harmonious society, who knows?. In fact, to make money for us this site only a few months of people, it is really difficult, we do not build the station garbage flow, do not jump, with their own cavity enthusiasm. Often see such a post, said a webmaster day arrangements, as if to see their shadow, can not say the sad and helpless, since chose to go this way, or go on, is not it?.


finally, I chose to do a travel advisory website because of hobbies. Often, sometimes feel oneself is a young cynic, would love some false things, such as wandering free walking image of Jack London Hemingway according to the disillusionment of what the baby, I want to let more people have something for free, perhaps not the mainstream thing, but how many representatives of some people’s voices. Besides, tourism is a necessity for the younger generation. Do the station is not easy, and update, post promotion, a little improvement at last day, this is the expected thing, after all, web site traffic and love you in.

lived a hard life and lived happily ever after. With a little bit of happiness, we can live at ease.

is always in the palm of the big business., that 300 yuan ad cost is gone.

, do you know how many sleepless nights the small Adsense paid for

and then ask the system to send an email saying that your account is blocked, I wrote a complaint, and then it came back from the system,

initially do actually want to do e-commerce site, do the mall B2C this, everyone says it and think about how much money, China Internet users, online shopping more and more powerful ability of this group, we felt excited. University is the electronic commerce, it is the successful experience of worship of Mr. Ma Yun, of the Alibaba concerned about Taobao, to see Chinese course of development of the Internet, the Internet of the future Chinese that firm is the best market in the world. To practice when a friend told me something that I decided to do the 1. many individual or enterprise has already paid attention to ah ah what the new Jingdong, and mall traffic and trade is a very difficult time. 2., do personal standing, if you do not have good enthusiasm and knowledge of this industry, it is difficult to do, and instant success, there must be no return, it will only make you incisively and truly exhausted. The quality of the flow, upstream of the mall 3. need to focus on delivery, logistics, customer service and so on, it is difficult to control, before you do not do it, no one is willing to throw money to the individual owners, this is a question of trust mechanism. I think he has a point there.

received emails from Ali’s mother today, and it made me sad,

a domain name, an account, you do not like the eye, the mouse a little, 88,

webmaster query tool tool.admin5

small Adsense interests, forever, are not guaranteed,

I didn’t cheat. You said it was a letter. Why,

I really feel like a not rely on abandoned, helpless, lonely and helpless.


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