The mass fundraising site is a fun tool not suited for early start VenturesYiqifa advertising allia

people will choose to invest in products that have been proven to be viable, and generally speaking, users are willing to give flexibility to change the final product, but must be able to be made out of the product. IPhone peripheral equipped with i+Case is a failure example, this is a design full of aluminum magnesium alloy frame, did not expect the result is installed, incredibly let iPhone no signal, let the net friend is quite dissatisfied.

if you don’t want to know the process of packaging and transport, and the subsequent operation, it is best not to try to put on the Kickstarter platform for complex business process operation is likely to lead to the final failure. The Desktop Jellyfish Tank products, to provide a complete set of equipment at home raising jellyfish, jellyfish breeding can also enjoy the fun, immediately aroused people’s interest, fundraising amount is more than 54 times the preset threshold, on the point of view of financing is one of the most successful innovative ideas, the result is full of negative evaluation, the first is the development of production time the delay in the network, but without any response, but after shipment jellyfish in two weeks after the death, dissatisfied buyers have access to return. No matter what kind of product, please remember before the Fundraising: you can really achieve and deliver this product.




1, special preferential policies to attract users to buy. The financial sector dedicated to the production of a set of advertising materials for Yiqifa alliance site, including coupon code, up to hundreds of dollars of preferential policies to effectively attract the target user  

2, the current stock market hot, suitable for all site delivery. For example: BBS web site through posting, will verify the code tell the user, the effect is better!  ,
3, professional financial websites, brand advertising, stable long-term.  ,
4, high division policy, the stock software is divided into nine hundred yuan to 1000 yuan, a variety of levels, returns well.  

two, charging mode: the user by clicking on the alliance website, will produce a digital code, the digital code records alliance website ID information. When users contact the financial services staff by telephone or other means, the customer service staff will promote them, and the end user can deduct the corresponding purchase fees through the digital code.  

note: the digital code of deductible coupons, the sole channel delivery only in the league, newspapers or other media do not enjoy such preferential. Therefore, webmaster friends can be promoted in a variety of ways, as long as the digital code can eventually produce purchasing behavior. The same piece of digital code can be purchased by multiple users.   />
A, through the Yiqifa alliance website to the financial web site links to purchase;  
B, the financial sector by sending goods, and received full payment;  
C, did not reject or return the goods purchase behavior 15 day return period.  


3., your product prototype is not available, it is not appropriate to participate in mass fund-raising

, the most suitable product for fundraising activities in Kickstarter, must eventually be able to deliver an actual product that can be shipped to buyers, such as the smart watch Pebble, which records tens of millions of dollars in fundraising. If the enterprise is to provide product or service for the masses, fund-raising mode may not be good for you, you must consider not like consumer products can cause the public interest, and then decided to pay for support, it is best to convince them in venture capital is relatively more practical.

4. can not provide services within the promised time, it is not suitable for participation in mass fund-raising

1. can not provide a separate product, it is not suitable for participation in mass fund-raising

Network operators

startups are challenging, want to!

2. has not yet been able to understand the way businesses operate, and it is not appropriate to participate in mass fundraising


Kickstarter, Indiegogo is a well-known website Crowdfunding, raising the masses of users to see interesting business ideas, can directly provide a small amount of money to support the promoters of the idea, great American Dream American Dream the taste is more rapid raising method of investment gold or angel funding and quite different from the traditional wound. However, the Kickstarter model does not apply well to every new startup, for the following reasons:

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