Domestic web game promotion alliance CPS big recommendationDo Wangzhuan need a good mentality

if your station traffic is small, when advertising can not earn what money, if you do CPC I want to click the ad revenue in general experience, if you do CPA advertising, most of the alliance will be deducted from your weight, of course there are more or less tricky. Do CPM pop, too influence their station user experience, you can’t earn it.

disadvantages: personal feeling can also, did not find any shortcomings, I do not know whether to buckle my volume. But user spending has limited time for me. And the effective allocation of different channels is not the same.

do Wangzhuan process both to make money, but also a process of learning. All kinds of technical learning, learning attitude will have a direct impact on the learning effect. Wangzhuan is no exception, but higher learning has more fun than other techniques, that can learn to make money. We entered Wangzhuan this industry, has experienced "excited", "vision", "disappointed", "low", "cheer up" in several stages, in front of several stage is not necessary to consider the problem of "learning attitude". Until a few months later, already can see the essence of Wangzhuan, the heart that make million dream disillusioned, this time will enter the grey "low period", if you give up in the "low period" have no choice to snap out of it, then consider the problem of higher learning attitude it is timely.

divided into ratios: 20%-35% ranging from

divided into proportions: 50%

summary: divided into higher, in my alliance should be the highest, but the user divided into limited time.

disadvantage: the game is too simple, maybe the system has just been on the line.

SP that year, so many people mad earned a sum of two years of web games also make a lot of money. I want to promote the Internet, from CPM, CPC, CPA, to the present, although CPS according to the form of consumption into is not acceptable to most people, I want to see the rest of this article is to earn money because CPS people have laughed in. Well, no more talking. To sum up a number of domestic web game by CPS into the platform.

below the rank, regardless of order, for reference only:

has a lot of people in the Wangzhuan "low period" chose to give up, give up is not necessarily wrong, especially give up wangzhuan. There is no best industry in the world, and even the best industry is not suitable for everyone. Wangzhuan is a chaos arena, is achieves guku million battlefield. Don’t think it is proper to take it up and put it down, ask your heart, it will tell you insist on or give up, if it has hesitated, did not have enough confidence, you have to stop it, lest the deeper, all roads lead to Rome, you don’t get involved in this.

2., nine dimensional promoters and alliances:

more than 1. extension system:

the rest of the people, is what I said that "cheer up," you like me silly, like. What we need to do is to keep interest and persevere. Since the decision to persevere, we must persist in the end, and also adhere to the wrong. I am a person, learning from childhood is not good, but I never think I am stupid than others, I always think that as long as I seriously go to school, the exam will certainly be admitted to the top 5 in the class, although I have never seriously studied.

3. bubbles play league

advantages: the new platform seems to have just recently opened, invited to participate in the system testing, earned a few hundred dollars, because the new game, you can play a larger space, divided into proportion, seems to have not been finalized.

advantages: platform games, and can promote more surface, the game can bind domain name, their station users higher credibility. Provide some operational functions, including new card issuing, activities and so on.

disadvantage: to tell you the truth, I didn’t make any money.

divided into proportions: 30%

advantages: more games, mobile network under the plug-in form, also has domain name binding function,

remember when I was in high school, are not interested in what class, but I love algebra, then we learn "positive" and "negative", I do not know why it is the "negative number of" special interest, each lesson the teacher I have listened to me very carefully. After class is also actively looking for the teacher to ask questions, I remember that I was so many years since the first time for the teacher to ask questions after class in school, and only time. When I took the monthly exam, I failed many subjects, but I got a good second in the whole academic year. That’s the power of interest, but, >

address: http://s.t.duowan

address: http://s.u.9weee

summary: I don’t know

summary: divided into general, in the alliance is not high, nor is it low. Mostly new, platforms are new, and games are new.

in fact, in a class, the students are almost the same IQ, most children are very smart. So why do some students study well and others learn poorly? In fact, the difference between them is "interest" and "method". First interest, interest is the main motivation for learning, interest will make the brain get excited, make the brain in a positive state of the work, do not feel study is a burden, but will be in an intoxicated or pleasure.

address: http://s.union.popwan

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