Recommend several suitable for novice operation Wangzhuan projectStatus and Countermeasures of house

we all know the function of the blog, the chain can publish their own stable through the blog, do not have to worry about their own the chain is deleted by the administrator, therefore, is there a lot of webmaster to use blog the chain work, so the related issue is produced how to cultivate the high weight of the blog through their own efforts, so as to make yourself better and better release of the link to the search engines.

this is very important, collection of things do not send, certainly no effect, sh419 is not a fool. Ha-ha。 As for how content works, you want to have different ideas for yourself, and my content is from some essays and some of the instructional design of the course. This is the need for their own needs according to their own search, query their own article material, right?. This is also very important, if not even updated material, then talk about how to update it?.

once your early articles have been included, so remember to second days to update the regular, long past, the spider will love to climb, only do regular updates, found your article have been included in sh419. This work is still very complicated, and I feel that I still need a certain willpower to finish this thing. The daily update is really simple. It’s too difficult to do. There are also lazy moments, resulting in a few days of their blog has not been updated, I feel renewed again, found that included slowly, and therefore, the maintenance of the former is quite important ah.

first, the early days of blogging are especially important,

second, the release of original article, to ensure that the article high-quality

, personal advice blog content to keep every day in 2-4, if their own material enough, can be updated, but not recommended more than this value too much, otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble, may lead to the administrator’s attention, that.


so, this problem is to how to strive to let the weight of their own blog increase, to better achieve the effect, you can make your link released and search engines, the following is pure, some of my personal views, if wrong, I hope you all the criticism.

third, blog early, do not add any of the chain and targeting text,

  at present, in the framework of China in electronic commerce, household electrical appliance enterprises or manufacturers, there is no real sense of participation, the majority of enterprises may be of e-commerce awareness is still inadequate.

has just set up a blog, don’t join any hyperlink and text aim, this can easily lead to my blog was closed off, and early and spider deal, after the proposal put to improve the weight of their own blog, then slowly adding hyperlinks, the process of personal control suggestions in 2 weeks later compared to the right.

fourth, control the number of updates in 3-4 articles

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