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"mobile Internet application is the most investment to profit through the application of the normal exit, VC is nothing more than three kinds of path, pull new investment into each other, looking for the application of merger between the buyers and the investment company." A senior investor described this year’s investment path, "in short, the project can not be rotten in hand."."

"I’m not paid as much as I do in cool 6, CTO."

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transformation, business into a dilemma

VC days are not as good as they used to be. Over the past two years, Sequoia Capital, Jingwei venture capital, IDG and other institutions in the mobile Internet investment radical, but two years later, it is difficult to quit. On the one hand, they are looking for investment opportunities for new projects, and more energy on how to quit.

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, many entrepreneurial projects have become public projects. So far this year, the early teams didn’t have any good projects. Or 10 out of a year, but there are 500 VC waiting there." Beans fruit network founder Wang Yuxiang said.


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most entrepreneurs, even after the experience of executives of large companies, most of their own business suffered after the product development is not expected, barely maintained or forced to transition pain.

but most entrepreneurs are doing the long tail applications just need outside of the application, these self generated revenue is difficult, the promotion and operation also requires a lot of capital, looking for giant acquisitions or strategic investment has become the best path of. Once acquired or invested, the application entrepreneur enters the security zone. But mergers and acquisitions are only a small number, more entrepreneurs in the hard support, and seek transformation, it really can not go on business, can only choose to close down.

mobile Internet is regarded as the largest in the next 10 years of entrepreneurial opportunity, however, throughout 2013, the gold industry entrepreneurs are experiencing is hard to survive, even quietly give up intensive acquisition of the Internet giant. It is found that the real smart phone standards and star applications are only a small number, typically such as WeChat, micro-blog. There are applications to cut into a sub group, you can gain a large number of users, such as singing, unfamiliar street and so on.

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        celebrate the 2008 large membership cashback activities, fun car network was officially launched!

        activity time: January 7, 2008 to February 3, 2008!


        single consumption reached   99–198 yuan, immediately preferential 10 yuan, returned 10 yuan

        single consumption reached   199–298 yuan, immediately preferential 20 yuan, returned 20 yuan

        single consumption reached   599 yuan or more, the immediate preferential 72 yuan, returned 48 yuan

        detailed link address: carsfun/sales/shouxin080104/index.shtm The application of

, the two start-up window of the mobile Internet is coming to an end, the second generation mobile Internet start-ups have come to an end." He Xiaopeng, co founder and President of UC, told Tencent technology.

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mobile Internet entrepreneurial window from the smart phone demographic bonus. Intelligent mobile phone to accelerate the popularization, whether large or small and medium-sized Internet Co, entrepreneurs in the mobile terminal and the data continue to push, to bring their ideas and opportunities into mobile Internet applications.

has experienced the mushrooming of competition over the past two years, and mobile Internet startups have found it difficult.

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Tencent technology Zong Xiuqian reported December 31st

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