Where the grassroots blog profit fulcrumWebmaster choose the bride for your website please

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

, as the blog continues to promote and popular, more and more grassroots blog think of making money. Perhaps now is the network to make money really popular, but also difficult to distinguish between true and false, click on the network to make money mostly take the amount of money and the development of offline money. I write this article, the purpose is to want grassroots blog profit fulcrum personal analysis. Now, blogging has started, and whether it’s from BSP or from personal blogs, there’s probably not much to make and make money. Perhaps not profit, blog making money is really a confusion, the future can only be constantly explored. And grassroots blog making money has become a more controversial topic. Some grassroots think that their blog must be commercialized, it will make the blog full of money taste, especially that kind of advertising practices. And not to grassroots blog, should not go to make money, to profit! Where should we base ourselves on the fulcrum?

"shlf1314 alliance" if the normal channels, GG for the film site audit is very strict, but many of the movie website or hang GG advertising, that is they through a website in your application down, and then hung to his movie website, software the station, GG station advertising distribution are junk keywords >

blog traffic and blog clicks are also two different keywords. Does blog traffic bring blogs? The answer is not necessarily. Grassroots blog click refers to the effective click of advertising, and blog traffic refers to all the click of the blog page. Like now most of the grass roots think a good advertising, that is, to join the shlf1314 advertising, click to make money, in fact, did not earn much money. There are not many people who really want to sign this ad. Some grassroots in order to make money, reproduced some hot logs, enter the blog home page of the highest number of hits list, and then in the page to make pop-up advertising window, used to earn clicks. In addition to disgust, but even more sad. So, from the point of view of advertising, grassroots blog really can profit through their blog, advertising is not a good road. This is also one of the conditions for the establishment of the above.

to do the film if we rely on the traditional model to make money, especially the new movie website, then your profit potential is very small, if you can choose a good advertising alliance for your website, not only can make your site of interest value, can also maximize your interest here to apply for sh419 "shlf1314 alliance" alliance "" Mom "and" Qihoo "for example, tell how can you achieve your maximum site of interest.

"sh419 alliance" for the website quality and the IP requirements are relatively high, generally a new web site, or IP on less than 5000 of the site is best not to apply, the application also gets through the same movie website, some will be able to apply to "sh419 alliance" advertisement, and website application no, this is why? Who has studied for down sh419 union advertising website, the conclusions are as follows: first, a template website, your website template should be on the network rarely, or the one and only, copyright get good enough, then you can also apply for down sh419 alliance. If you use the Marx station, when they use the default template for "sh419" ads, will tell you the answer, you have tort, don’t believe that friends can apply to try, so I want to apply for it must replace the template. Second: play page, this is also very important, a "Marx kernel" I have seen the movie website, he played very good, even used one of Marx’s friends eyes did not recognize this is the Marx kernel, but when watching a movie is to see.

tip: if your film site can apply for the sh419 advertising alliance, you can significantly increase your website’s revenue. sh419 alliance hits the unit price but very impressive oh.

>, 3 grassroots blog profit; grassroots blog cash

blog and blog in cash, two concepts of the obvious difference, the former is generalized.

2, grassroots blog traffic < grassroots blog click

since the "Marx", a movie website is not so difficult, the Internet suddenly appeared a lot of movie website, but the Internet Movie Website market is so big, not to mention Thunder KanKan, sh419 video, broadband provider beyond count movie website, so relative to our film the website is not so popular, not to mention with the movie website to make money, this is not to say that the movie website has no future, the future is still there, if you update speed, good quality, and can follow the times, ensure your smooth broadband network, so in the movie website or promising drop. The key is for you. Please choose the "bride" for your website – good advertising alliance.

1, grassroots bloggers make money =

grassroots blog why this equation? Strictly speaking, blogging and blog are two different concepts, the money does not mean profit, but the profit represents money, so now a lot of BSP, are no longer used money to describe the profit for the benchmark, to blog profit oriented. It’s easy to understand the difference between making money and making profits. It’s not difficult to make money, whether it’s a blog portal or a blog custodian, but finding a viable pivot point is difficult. From servers, maintenance of capital to blogging, research and development, from network log editing to selection of content, all that needs money to fill. The grassroots blog is different, free blog space, free blog service, as long as they can find the money on the fulcrum, can be profitable, only spending is to manage the blog, improve the flow and quality. This is the origin of this equation.

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