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two runs the reader and author

Xing Ming said, Adtopic advertising platform is mainly targeted to specific populations, but certain people can continue to produce the new topic, therefore, advertisers, advertising can be considered subject characteristics, can also consider the characteristics of the crowd, right ads. Xing Ming said, in general circumstances, a topic can last about a month or so.

chairman and CEO Xing Ming in an interview with the Sohu IT, Adtopic new advertising platform with the past top posts are significantly different from those of the past top post seriously damaged the user experience, and not Adtopic new advertising platform through the top or vest form affect the user experience, but will be useful information by association the enterprise can correspond to the interface or beside the right ads, users can see the relevant information and services related enterprises, and enterprises to achieve interaction.

      July 5th, Hainan Tianya Online Network Technology Co. Ltd. in Beijing announced a high-profile launch of Adtopic advertising platform, the platform provides the interactive marketing services for advertisers, are associated with a tendency to plan marketing, interactive word-of-mouth topic, on this platform, advertisers can independently manage, can independent advertising or delete advertising.


, for example, is exactly the same content. You see a news in micro-blog itself, there is no difference, but after 140 additional interpretations, it’s different. All the media, in my opinion, is the $two community, that is to say, when it is different from a completely equal point to point community, it is in fact a community of authors and readers. There is interaction between the reader and the author, the interaction between the readers, the reader may become the author, and you should be good to maintain the entire two yuan community ecology, liquidity, vitality, and really guide and operate

done this, I will consider all of my products, whether content or products, that is, for this demand, for this content to do. Then I do something, I will pass this issue, I will continue my iterative content and practice, I will use the data to make the data tracking, interview, then I’ll be true to the user guide for the purpose of my content correction produced continuously, my content itself and my content mode of delivery. So, I don’t know how the traditional media works, but our colleagues on the Internet are actually saying this, that is, user oriented, fast iterative, data-driven.

because the duration of a topic is about a month, therefore, the replacement frequency of its customers is relatively fast, which may lead to the initial channel expansion pressure is relatively large, in this regard, Xing Ming said that in the early launch of the Adtopic platform, enterprise customer awareness is relatively shallow, may require a process, however, due to the platform set the threshold is very low, the general enterprise customers every month as long as the investment of thousands of dollars, therefore, the future should be very clear.

How does

use the mobile Internet as a media?

      in addition, this advertising platform may bring certain benefits for each forum moderator.

one, with the attitude of doing products to do content

launched Adtopic advertising platform, Xing Ming’s advertising revenue prospects for the Tianya is very much

Xing Ming said with a smile, Adtopic advertising platform customers are massive, as long as the enterprises have a certain awareness, companies can own ads, and Tianya will rely on sales channels to expand, therefore, return Gong Adtopic advertising platform to skyline company should offer more.

when we’re going to make a mobile Internet product, what’s the first thing we want? That’s the first. I think who’s the user base of the product. I’m against them even if it is a group of users, such as he is not a very simple thing, a user can have a variety of needs, such as I, I may be as tall is demand, also have the demand according to the popular literature or art, what, for what I was the specific needs and specific scenarios.

with the attitude of the operating community

in addition, Xing Ming also revealed that, in addition to the topic or next to the relevant interface advertising, BBS moderator can also participate in the topic of interaction, the end of the world will consider part of the proceeds to the moderator.

actually, in my opinion, the words that are now being spoken are just as mentioned. The lines between the content producer and the reader are already very, very vague. You may be a potential reserve of the author and content producers each reader in broad sense, and everyone has to the media you read on the content, he may need is not just a one-way information received, he may need is a two-way one exchange, the need for a the sense of belonging to the community, the need for a content into the interpretation of the two time I need a real information, I feel alive in the group of a group of peers in the sense of common sense.

Adtopic is a top post advertising platform

low advertising threshold, a few thousand dollars a month,

expects Adtopic advertising revenue can exceed 10 million yuan

tiger sniffing note: This article extracts from the founder of the Innovation workshop and management partner Wang Hua in the Tencent Media Summit Forum to share, Wang Hua speech theme for the mobile Internet under the new media. Tiger sniffing out the most important two points: how to do it? How to make money?

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