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along with the sharing of economic trends in the domestic popular, once upon a time, "carpooling" this term is not inferior to the heat, today’s shared bike, carpooling, once entrepreneurs are chasing hot spots. Travel in China is undoubtedly a trillion level cake market, was reduced to the point of such giants, and those in the shadow of the giant carpool companies, how live today,

this gives the site builder a great inspiration, "content is king, the chain is emperor", this sentence has not changed with the times

tick the so-called social travel but carpooling is a false concept. For carpooling, the primary passenger safety. Carpool undoubtedly more is happening in first-tier cities, this scenario is the carpool between strangers carpool, carpooling and tick all the drivers are part-time, all vehicles are the user’s own platform, the lack of effective control of the vehicle and passengers, it is easy to cause potential danger to passengers if breach in the vehicle and the driver of the audit process. Tick the driver and passengers in the carpool platform even after mutual friends, for the information security of passengers, tick duties where? Strange social spell carpool but is a pseudo social carpooling spell of sexual harassment events also emerge in an endless stream, for security reasons, car or taxi is the first choice for travel.


in fact, individuals feel that the most essential thing in SEO is strength. The strength in all aspects, web site operators powerful, SEO naturally do well, and this strength is accumulated out from years of combat in the. Of course, do not rule out the search engine for some special keywords were strictly controlled, leading to across the board, such as wangzhuan. Not to mention this, SEO master told us the secret is: content is king, the chain as the emperor. So many people swarmed, a pile of pseudo original, a pile of garbage outside the chain stack, perhaps a few years ago, these methods can get some results, but Baidu has experienced several large earthquakes, several Scindapsus algorithm updates, a lot of websites fall.

about getting ready to do

a year ago, in fact, to do this site is also a long-term hidden in the heart of the idea, that is to make money online. Inspired by a webmaster, want to do a Wangzhuan blog, so set the direction. In fact, in other words, the preparation of such things is very empty, is an idea only, and then there is a certain amount of money, a web site a year, including domain name costs about 300 yuan, for novices is enough. Some people will panic. I don’t understand technology at all. In fact, you really do stand to know, the so-called code, you need to know is not much, all to the station program solution, there are a lot of mainstream site program, are free of charge, including WordPress, discuz, zblog., etc.. Looking back, in fact, the most important preparation should be to determine the direction of the site, and this direction is best related to their interests, so that the site will greatly increase the odds.


ride in the field do good good now only tick drops and carpool ride, and at the same time every day to come out of the car, 51 car has become silent, and love to fight in the first half of 2015 announced the cessation of business. The tick carpool unexpectedly in the giant cracks in survive, and live many carpooling software only one.

the truth is, when you decide to start, the most difficult thing to do is pass.

ammo tick worrying: tick carpool rare foreign PR recently frequent activities, it is easy for outsiders to.

non-compliance tick carpool, are black? Tick carpooling has stressed that he is the government support and encourage the sharing of economic travel mode, all across the country have introduced the "net about booking a taxi management service management rules" at the same time, tick carpooling had no effect on foreign claims, but was affected by a large number of users drops travel also shunt. We also see the official news, tick fight only in February 28th this year in Hangzhou won the record. On the other hand, in addition to Hangzhou, other city tick platform is not legitimate. In order to prove the legitimacy of the tick carpooling platform in the forum, the author tries to search, found a lot of drivers because of the traffic department of illegal operation in the use of qualitative tick carpool. It is unbelievable for a driver and passengers because there is no consensus, no passenger alarm of ride, was also sentenced to transportation of illegal operations, the deduction is given to explain the government! It is not a legitimate platform in Shanghai, there is no record. The record only in Hangzhou by claiming that the carpool why am the first country to get the government for the record by the platform, it is in order to gloss it over.

Why does

have ice and snow?.


called SEO, that is search engine optimization. Now I think more and more, SEO has become more and more "double-edged sword". Often listen to some webmaster said, his website excessive SEO, lead to web site was down right, the loss outweighs the gain. And some webmaster, through the SEO, more exposure of their web site, and constantly grow and develop.

site for a year, there is a habit, like to love station there comprehensive inquires, such as today increased the number of included, and reduce the number of included, the changes in the chain, keywords change, site ranking. Presumably this is most novice webmaster habits. Also it is most of your blog webmaster habits the reason is probably because the search engine suffered inexplicable blow. Today is no exception, continue to view the overall situation, to see their domain age, 1 years, ". Is a summary, is to give some warning later.

SEO: a double-edged sword,

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