Entrepreneurial genes may have doomed OPPO vivo and hammer differently in the futureExpose cheats

below is a dialogue between myself and him,

in fact is you give 190 joining fee! You began to brush his software! You will find really can brush money! According to at least 0.05 yuan each time the highest 0.15 yuan each price range!! I suppose to compromise! Every 0.07 yuan! About every 10 seconds once is completed this is me! 0.07*6 is equal to 0.42 yuan per minute 0.42*60 equal to 25.2 yuan an hour! I’m going to brush every 8 hours for 25.2

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entered September, domestic mobile phone manufacturers are crazy again. In glory, Mito busy at the fashion week catwalk when OPPO and vivo began to promote the brand concept, millet positive for the upcoming new propaganda, even a hammer, but also because of possible acquisitions has become the focus of.

smartphone in the Chinese market "first year" about 2011, the market shipments have jumped from 118 million at the time to 430 million last year. But just five years, the pattern of the domestic mobile phone market has changed again and again, from the initial Chinese cool alliance camp to millet led Internet mobile phone brand, and now to OPPO and vivo created sales myth. Investigate its reason, still need to go back to mobile phone manufacturer’s operation strategy.

to recommend people who go! His answer is: "you have to develop their own downline, the 1 will be reduced to each development commission limit! What is the limit! It is you get more than 500 hits 500 or 0.07 according to the power!! you have to to 35 yuan! If you really recommend 5! That is 175, then you will say well!! I made myself + brush to 50 is equal to 225 I earned 35 yuan below in detail

in fact, after a round of reshuffle and elimination, whether it is in the sales line to occupy the first-line giant, or small and beautiful two or three line brand, have found a temporary home". For example, OPPO and vivo represent deep line channels, a symbol of Chinese innovation strength of HUAWEI flagship technology licensing, often known as ecological and conference LETV, and do business in the vertical self field beauties.

out of this relationship is easier to understand mobile phone brand marketing behavior, such as the first mentioned fashion week debut, glory is perhaps in order to deepen its influence among young people, and the figure may.

OPPO and vivo in 2016 to become a leader in the domestic mobile phone market, self-contained line operators on a variety of naming and celebrity endorsements of the skilled online has a high brand awareness, and won the two or three line of the city line more than half of the share. In contrast, in the sales volume as well as HUAWEI and millet, the former by consolidating the marketing behavior of a series of "innovators" image, and become the eyes of some people the national pride, which began with the "new Chinese" marketing to stimulate consumers, so compared to independent innovation or domestic brands dedicated consumers. Select or millet, or HUAWEI. By contrast, hammers and beauties give people a sense of "small and beautiful". The hammer is more sensational, early attracted a large number of hammer powder, Mito vertical bias in the crowd, only "self portrait" has won a lot of loyal users.


in the final analysis, the emergence of this phenomenon and the choice of the market are not unrelated, but in essence is still the domestic mobile phone brands combined with their own advantages of differentiated operations decisions.

I say it seems to be Internet marketing,

from the tone of the brand, the domestic well-known mobile phone brand seems can be divided into three categories, with OPPO and vivo as the representative of the invisible giant, HUAWEI, millet as the representative of the domestic department and a hammer, etc., Mito mobile phone vertical "feelings" brand. It is not difficult to find that the three types of mobile phone brands have different operating styles.

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brand differentiation brought about by changes in market patterns

!When you ask

, his answer,

this >

is 201.6, such a day of income, but a lot of! A month is 6048! That is a high salary! Some people will not do anything, brush money every day. I was the fastest 1 hours brush more than 21! When you brush to around 50! this 50 yuan can get back, I said back in detail are generally so! I brush to 53 blocks! Will prompt you to click on the current user by the commission every time limit! The highest 0.004 yuan, the lowest 0.001 yuan this 1 minutes! 0.0025 yuan will be 0.015 yuan! With your previous highest 0.15 yuan how much? You brush every day 8 hours is 7 dollars a month! More than 200! If you use electricity and Internet! I believe you will be

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