Originality is not valuable Resources are more important than opportunities There is always a pit wa

Chen Yuze believes that vertical electricity providers to have a more refined brand differentiation, the establishment of multiple brands through different groups of positioning and price range contact users.

resource opportunism and opportunism

around us, often encountered two types of people, we call it entrepreneurship small white. Another kind of person, has not white, we call him entrepreneurship black.

vertical e-commerce can not die

Liu Qiangdong reminded the electricity supplier later who pay more attention to cash flow, inventory turnover problems. The investment of cotton and jumei micro-blog and other vertical e-commerce main judges well-known angel investors Xu Xiaoping believes that enterprise’s return rate, brand building is also crucial.

in fact, in the 1173 companies participating in many commercial enterprises, only in the last 10 have two egg network business enterprise, won the runner up, a bit out of the hot degree of how much and the reality of the "winter electricity".

, the other kind of opportunist, just doesn’t know whether this will work or not. Bet on it anyway. It’s very aggressive. Do they think Ma Jianlou do the electricity supplier, Ma Huateng Jianlou social, if I find I can do it.

Lei Jun once said, "tactical hard work can’t hide the laziness of strategy. We have a lot of entrepreneurs out of question, not that he is not diligent, but that he is lazy in thinking.". Because he didn’t see enough, he was not far enough.

in the success of this matter, some people think that successful entrepreneurs rely on resources, two rely on these. Embodied in the implementation, is the two kind of person.

there are many entrepreneurs in the beginning of entrepreneurship, simply can not see the reality, only with the brain to start business. There’s another kind of entrepreneur who sees reality, but sees only one side of the foot

nearly two years, the most sad reminder of the Internet business than the electricity supplier, the most small Internet business is nothing more than the mobile Internet: the former loss is not stopped, the latter did not find a way to make money. However, in the whole field of IT Internet, the two is the shrine of entrepreneurs chase fellow sufferers: industry not stereotypes, have the opportunity.

mobile Internet >

and the two choice in "electric winter" superior enterprises also have a different understanding, egg founder Cao Hui stressed the importance of "electronic commerce" concept, he pointed out, "we do not emphasize the electronic commerce, because electronic is a means, the emphasis is on this matter, the essence of the brand is the product". "Is looking for the blue ocean in the Red Sea in the maternal and child class business, the core point is safe, it is not there before". In fact, recently, the platform type mother and child class electricity supplier red children fell into decline and forced to sell rumors.

"vertical e-commerce will always have the opportunity", Jingdong mall chairman Liu Qiangdong interpretation of the "electricity supplier winter" still emerging e-commerce companies. As the 2012 "summer race horse contest chief judge, Liu Qiangdong will vote for a vertical e-commerce enterprise — egg net.

, resource opportunists, and opportunists are very dangerous for entrepreneurs. What we are talking about here is through a set of thinking and execution logic, using economics and strategic thinking to help you find opportunities for entrepreneurship.

industry competition is fierce, profits have not yet arrived,

visual force is a sales of American pupil products e-commerce enterprises, according to its founder Chen Yu disclosure, the company uses O2O model, establish offline experience shop, has independently developed 7 own brands.

lean start solve what? Lean startup is a set of execution logic, it is to guide you how to use the minimum cost and the fastest speed to verify the entrepreneurial opportunity, his theory is based on management efficiency in solving.


entrepreneurship white and entrepreneurship black

but entrepreneurship will know that in the process, creativity is not the most important part of the whole business. The most important thing may be a systematic methodology, to do one thing. In this process, from creativity to opportunity, and then to build a business model, and then to build a team, and then lead the team to promote the implementation of the integration of the value chain upstream and downstream, creativity, but the first step in the ten thousand step.

entrepreneurial small white, for the understanding of entrepreneurship is like this, he always felt that he has an idea, can subvert the world, everything is good, it is 50 million.

Abstract: small business always felt that he had an idea that could subvert the world, and that everything would be better than 50 million. But entrepreneurship, Hei hei knows, the most important thing in business is the methodology of the system. Creativity is only the first step in the ten thousand step.

lean entrepreneurship

, which was established in November last year, was formally launched in March this year. The B2C website has its own mother infant brand, and organic cotton clothing is also sold on Jingdong, Dangdang and other platforms. Liu Qiangdong on the network marketing and egg stock interest; and in the face of another vertical electronic commerce website as the mutual force, Liu Qiangdong also asked the inventory turnover rate problem.

, a resource activist, thinks I can start a business because I can manage certain resources. Because of historical factors, there are many small business owners in a business environment, enjoy the bonus system reform, with scarce resources, so Chinese entrepreneurial crowd is a large part of nationalist resources.

"any industry has ups and downs, electricity providers are the same", Liu Qiangdong believes that platform e-commerce enterprises will only last three, and vertical e-commerce will always have the opportunity.

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