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Today we talk about the

QQ station QQ station webmaster mentality! How to development! Since Ma Huateng and his college classmate Zhang Zhidong formally incorporated in the "Shenzhen city Tencent computer system Co. Ltd. launched QQ popular night! Many products produced. QQ games, QQ spaces, QQ games, QQ pets, including the recently out QQ farms, and so on. Tencent can be said that now the network giants, will the Internet people who is not a QQ number! Who do not know the effect of the Tencent in the QQ? Network industry! The network traffic is great! To do stand friends who do not want to share


in recent years, more and more people do QQ station, QQ station is just a search on Baidu a lot. But apart from a few early start QQ station such as (qqzhi, qqjia etc} flow, the other station is yaosibuhuo

!Of course, I

a QQ station in which can be said to get hands, no flow, no record, no rank, no income to see a QQ webmaster no faction in the QQ written in front of the station, may have many QQ Adsense like me is hard to find (flow, bitter day find articles, hard to find links, waiting for ranking, QQ 4 bitter pie.

recently found that Baidu in the collection of content collected by the content of the station, the content added yesterday, the day can be released, second days gone. When a friend asked me to stand in what is going on! Look at his new sites began to think it should be a normal phenomenon later found his 3 years of QQ station also began to study this problem! Do not know if you encounter this situation no! If you stand it when you the update of the multi processing or write some will be better.

Baidu is also want to clean up the garbage station, repeat station for everyone a good network environment, so we do stand friends can’t be lazy, want to have a good ranking, good flow. Good income must build a good web search! The content of high quality to win the favor of the netizens! Do a station to have good rankings, first of all depends on whether it can keep visitors! How to change the search engine algorithm then it is also possible to visit and repel back! If your site do this again! Congratulations on your website has a good ranking!

concludes: do you have a good site? See if his website is the answer that the browser wants and whether it can retain the old users!

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