Summary of the problems needing attention in enterprise website construction

in the Internet today, more and more enterprises have begun to join the ranks of e-commerce, enterprise website for shaping corporate image, enhance brand value plays a decisive role. It can be said that the enterprise website is a bridge to communicate with potential customers.

in the construction of the site, I found a few points need to note:

1, do not pay attention to trifles, the pursuit of form, content and customer experience.


website is put a lot of animation enterprises in the network "spokesperson" on the website, a lot of accumulation of information, so that visitors do not have very good customer experience, this station is detrimental to establish a corporate image. So the network company to guide customers, let us respect website visitors, constantly thinking of how to make it easier for customers to find the information he wants, how to maximize the value of enterprise website, how to let visitors can become our enterprise customers. I think if you think about these issues, corporate websites can do better.

2, the site does not update, become a "dead stop"

although some enterprises also do the website, but many websites become the furnishings. Website information is not updated in time, and no external communication with the purpose of enterprise. Such website can not get the effect of network sale.

in fact, we do very little work to bring the value of the site into play:

(1) makes keyword search strategies through site optimization. Let more potential customers find you through search engines.

(2) can also log on the industry portal and regional portal station to publish enterprise information, leaving the URL, so that it can play a very good publicity effect.

(3) looking for popular forum posting, expanding publicity.

3, stereotyped, does not reflect the characteristics of enterprises,

may talk about using the template construction enterprise stand here, this station fits, and no good website structure, are not friendly to search engines and customers, although the price is cheap, but since the choice of network marketing, if it saves the construction cost, and the loss of potential customers more, it is very not worth it. Therefore, it is recommended to find a professional art, independent design capabilities of the Internet company building website

4, website interaction is poor,

website lacks interactive links, visitors only passively accept the information, unable to obtain timely customer demand, such enterprise sites will lose potential customers, is a major loss of enterprises. We can carry out customer service mechanism on the website, such as joining the online conversation, website free hotline timely communication tools, let our visitors into our customers, let the website truly achieve the purpose of network marketing.

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