The 4 kinds of operation strategy father’s Day activities

forced the operators, especially the activities of the operators should begin to prepare for father’s Day activities?. Father’s Day is also planned recently, and share your own experience.

do activities, first of all want to know their target groups and target audience is who, we must know that the target group and target audience is not necessarily the same group.


such as melatonin, do not use buyers do not buy, do business, the elderly, is full of young people to pay.



honor parents, send gifts melatonin!

, that’s the business strategy.

The same is true for

father’s day, the target group is father, and the target audience is sons and daughters.


, you know, since ancient times, the circle of friends of the dutiful son, father’s day also known as the circle of friends with filial piety festival.

loaded with a lot of filial forwarding, Dad yo, I love you.

you ask TA, yes, Dad, the moon represents TA’s heart.

really filial piety, silent purchase, fatherly love is not good, so is the son.

clear this point you can combine their product planning, your activities combine point if Father "pain points" or young people think the father of "pain points", and you face the object must be a young man, to persuade young people of filial piety or pay for the forwarding table.

so seriously think about these 2 questions:

how does your product hook up with your father’s role,


how does your activity motivate young people to participate in


1. How does your product hook up with your father’s role,


, you guys think for yourself and how your products serve the role of a father. Different products must find different selling points.

what? You can’t find the bonding point!

, at least you can use the brand to Lyric it, and then can combine brand or product name or function is better.

if you think, you may try to contact me.

try. I’m sure I can’t think of it.

two, how will your activities mobilize young people to participate in


father’s Day activities want users to participate in, no less than seize two points: love and profit.

, is greed, no not early, no not in.

, if your boss wants to send something to the user simply and rudely, and he can kill the user with money, I just want to say: does your company still hire people?

of course, the vast majority of operations are faced with the boss, only a small amount of approval, and ask you to a large number of users. Then you have to work hard in love.

is love, sympathy, and users with feelings, if you don’t go, user >

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