Venture nner Mongolia action to start a full play to promote entrepreneurship employment

innovation and entrepreneurship in ethnic minority areas is relatively backward, I believe in the efforts of 2016, Inner Mongolia innovation and entrepreneurship will be better development. Now, venture Inner Mongolia action in full swing, the 6 plan to promote entrepreneurship.

in 2020 and strive to build more than 100 prominent features, complete function and strong demonstration effect and lead bearing capacity, business parks and business incubators compatible with the regional advantage industry, on the basis of building more than 20 provincial demonstration park and business incubator. Entrepreneurship pilot program to increase the intensity of entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship and innovation to create a training carrier, improve the ability and quality of entrepreneurship.

smooth financing plan mainly to improve entrepreneurial financial service availability, and guide social capital and financial capital to support entrepreneurial activities, expand the scale of the venture investment, entrepreneurial crack financing problems. Youth entrepreneurship program mainly to promote youth entrepreneurship and innovation vitality in college graduates as the main body of the further release, to further enhance the ability to support young entrepreneurs, youth entrepreneurship policy and more perfect service system, expand the scale of youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success rate gradually increased.

to 2020, to build 100 college graduates entrepreneurial brand, through the Yijiangdaibu project to give financial support. The return of farmers and herdsmen business plan to further improve the business environment in rural and pastoral areas, and guide more technology, capital and management, understand the management of migrant workers returning home for business, promote rural and pastoral areas of surplus labor to divert employment, promote the integration of development of three industry in rural and pastoral areas.

relying on local advantage industry and characteristic economy, to guide and help the home business of migrant workers into the regional professional market, demonstration and massive economic entrepreneurship. Using recommendation

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