3 major problems encountered when the webmaster here

do webmaster, sometimes really will encounter many problems, and most of the problems are more difficult, it is difficult to solve! I will set up on their own Baotou talent network problems listed for your reference!


1: Baidu has not included.

maybe many Webmaster Station just have this problem, the word site: everyone in everyday use! According to my observation and study, found that if your domain name had not been used, but did not punish Baidu, Baidu will be very careful included, that included a quite long time general Baidu! Included time within 20 days! The second is the server, if your space is free, or spend less to buy, you should consider is not the server problem! Because the waste often redirect server, Baidu is more than the bridge, not love very much! There is your site if landing slowly or not open, I suggest you go to buy a regular service provider space


you should also continue to update your website, best original content, Baidu spider love original and constantly have new things like the website, people also hope to see new things every day, so that the spider once noticed you, would be very ordinary to visit your site, and update the snapshot in time


Links is also very important, if you have the weight of the website and website links, a search engine that is important to you, your weight will be gradually improved, is conducive to the site’s ranking, if the other site links to update ordinary words, the spider to the ordinary, will follow the link to your site it is included in the website. Avoid spam links!!!


published articles in major websites, you published articles in major websites, and bring your link, the opportunity to visit your web site spider greatly increased, the weight will also greatly increase!


2: keyword selection

The important thing about

SEO is the selection of keywords.

Select the

title for example! Do you choose talent network, talent network, talent recruitment, talent market, job! But this will be very broad, the competition is fierce, how to do? You can join your local names, such as: Baotou talent network, Baotou talent recruitment, Baotou talent market as such! The competition will be greatly reduced, but also can find the real


Keywords selection here you can choose similar keywords, but not more than 5! More than on the contrary, to choose your site closely related words! Here is not to say,


Description selection! Here should also include keywords, such as:

3: website promotion

        Description;     the selection of! >

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