User experience in the eyes of an ordinary nternet practitioner

calculate the time, the author is engaged in the Internet industry has been more than 3 years, the 3 years have been operating on the industry website, really love and hate, 3 years a lot of big and small operation site, has success and failure. All the way down, I found that I did learn a lot and lost a lot of things. In recent months, when I was working on a new website, I realized the importance of one thing: the user experience. So today I would like to share the sentiment in recent months with you.


user experience every Internet practitioners say every day of the word, not on the Internet before the popularization of all kinds of products, user experience is rooted in the results, but the Internet let the word carry forward! What is the user experience? The user experience English referred to as UE, is the official explanation is: a purely subjective user the process of using the product built up feeling. You can pay attention to the words in this explanation: subjective, use, and feel! So we are not to understand these 4 words, you can notice some details of the user experience in the establishment and operation of time? See

!The subjective


web user experience

is subjective to the user, allowing users to participate in the middle of something! In fact, users include subjective website design and development to the late operation and maintenance, the entire site experience stage cannot do without the user’s subjective experience, website design stage, if the designer a stuffy head design, the final design result of the most users are not satisfactory. The author is currently in the operation of this site in the initial design stage, will encounter this problem, designers can choose the bulkhead design, given the various versions, but at the end of a satisfactory design we are not waste for a long time, finally, the author summarizes the initial design stage, the website user experience mainly rely on communication, because if the design allows users to visually see, then the design is finished, this time not only not satisfied, in the design process must communicate, because they decided the final designs you communicate the quality of things is not what you need. The latter stage of operation should be based on the user’s subjective operations, such as what kind of articles click rate is high, what kind of topics reflect the best, and so on.

The use of

website user experience


uses here emphasizes the usability and usability of the web site, that is, the user’s experience in the operation. The quality of a website is not only the high-end atmosphere, but also more convenient. Web site is good, complex not complex, will directly determine the effectiveness of your late operation of the site. A few websites usability example, site will have the bottom page, your article page is a OR one? Don’t look down on this function, this function is easy to use performance; and website navigation, your site navigation is two level directory if a lot of too much? Two, to minimize the use of directory, because the website will let users feel very disorderly, and the experience is not enough; the site search function, imagine, if your site search, user input >

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