Have you ever questioned the value of your web site

in the definition of value, Ma Yunceng said: "I Never mind, there is no money, I was a little bit, I believe that the relationship is not reliable, do not do business with business relationship, not by smart, the most important business is that you understand what customers need, real really create value, stick to it. The most unreliable thing in the world is relationship."

I love this a quotation Ma, just like our life, each person’s different family background, you might be the two generation, two rich generation, may also be the two generation of grass root, this is no way to choose, but his effort is to rely on our life on the road to create value. If you are a valuable person, then your chances and successes will naturally never be lacking.

our website and the people are the same, each site of the birth conditions are different, some sites was born in the capital technology environment, can have perfect function, stable server space, can have a professional team to update the contents of the construction of the chain and hair cloth. Born in some grassroots under the environment of the site, some free and open procedures of the station can only use the common extrusion and hundreds of websites in a server, the content of the web site with the chain may be due to lack of resources and lean.

what is the value of my site,


I have a friend who has done a web site, the content of this web site is all through the collection of pseudo original article. Because search engines for pseudo original content, the current identification is not very good, so this site in the initial included and ranking can also, every day there is a certain flow. But these traffic have a notable characteristic, that is, visitors are basically belong to that kind of one-time visitors, that is, after coming without two visits, the site of the jump rate is very high. Eventually, the site dropped dramatically after an update by Baidu. Why is that,


after the author, but analysis found that the main reason is that its value for users is not high. We know the Internet every day a large number of sites, the scope of the user’s choice, if the things on your website are the same thing, why choose the user collection, visit your site? This is like the flood of this type of SEO blog site, all know to have original content also, try to write the original content, but the content is some stereotyped articles, not what the value of the content to the user, the search engine will also be removed.

I found that many webmaster friends love will collect a lot of content at the beginning of the site, and then put in there for your search engine, these may in a stage will be included, but it does not have much value to the user, the content will also be removed or could not get good rankings.

I think most webmasters follow

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