How do operate the Yuncheng elite network

2006 I and several classmates came to the most active private capital city – Zhejiang Wenzhou, at the time when it is the development of Wenzhou electric, a few people put all sorts of things together borrowed 200 thousand yuan join the low-voltage electrical industry, after a year of operation, a small scale, the beginning of 2007 with the increase of Liushi low voltage electrical factory does not expand you need to recruit all kinds of talents, electrical, while the Wenzhou market recruitment channels mainly rely on the talent market in Wenzhou, not only for the high cost and time-consuming, the effect is not ideal, just this time a friend proposed together to engage in electrical network professionals, after three days of time thinking eventually sold the shares on the low-voltage electrical factory, it embarked on a road of talent network. In the first half of 2007, the electric talent network was formally launched. As a result of doing nationwide, coupled with just entering this line, the result was that after a variety of reasons, I quit the electrical talent network. At this time although I was out of the electrical network professionals, but I am not willing to, from a long-term perspective, the network recruitment must be selected talent intermediary, the way I choose is not wrong, just want to choose a suitable for their own, after selection and observation after a period of time, I decided to decided to go back to my hometown in Yuncheng founded Yuncheng network of excellence.

in September 18, 2007, with Yuncheng across the network of excellence on the line, I hope, in the local network recruitment industry is not very familiar with the case of television advertisement investment large, the thought under the advertisement wanton Yuncheng talent nets brand will quickly on red, but did not think that the network awareness of Mainland enterprises the coastal city is relatively much difference, they are a skeptical attitude to complete online recruitment, and even some enterprises that we are liars, on the other hand, with the advantage of resources in Yuncheng recruitment network and on-line operation, which brings huge impact to the newly founded Yuncheng network of excellence, accompanied by a low return after the huge advertising investment rate and strong competition pressure, at this time I almost to despair, was the worst of the company Financial accounts even did not have a penny, the company’s front-line sales staff normal wage distribution are difficult to maintain, Jiujiang recruitment network can develop to today, entirely dependent on everyone’s unity and hope for the future. Here, I would like to thank all the staff who have come with me and say thank you to them,

in the first half of 2008, the company timely adjustment of marketing strategy, for business users, we had invested in advertising costs spent for enterprise recruitment and selection of talent recruitment effect, 100% of enterprises that in any talents intermediary advertising are not important to the recruitment effect, we let the customer experience just to the effects of network recruitment and our service, for individual users, we use low cost propaganda posters, campus activities, sponsorship, and registration of individual members to send gifts activities related to the collection of personal meaning member, the first member of the sincere service.

in 2009, after more than a year of trial and error, Yuncheng talent network uses low-cost operation mode and >

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