Enhance user loyalty and promote diversification of websites as see it

small and medium-sized webmaster rely on search engine development has become an indisputable fact, basically 90% of all traffic from search engines. However, a single source of development will inevitably bring risks, such as search engine algorithm changes "manslaughter", even if done carefully may also fall into the abyss of the doomed eternally. Therefore, the website diversified development, to avoid the flow of a single source, is the development of the site to do big and big road. However, diversification is important to enhance customer loyalty. The most reliable what kind of traffic to the user? Remember you. Without landing direct punch search engine and the most reliable access to your website, the following we discuss "site to enhance customer loyalty, promote diversified development of website".

, of course, not only the diversified development and website is directly input address to enhance user loyalty, as well as a series of search engine, retrieval, classification, Links address input error (domain name selection skill), wandering with software. But the road or the "user" road, to win stability and sustained flow, do not rely on external forces exist. Therefore, "enhance customer loyalty" is the most important thing for the diversification of websites.

1: website should have viscosity

what is viscosity? Users need what you have, and naturally get the user’s viscosity on the site. The increase of website viscosity is bound to be dependent on users, so the inevitable factor is the improvement of loyalty. So, how do you improve the viscosity of your web site to users?

1, rich in resources. "Content is king" not only for the search engine, is the strong backing of website development of users is also the basis to distinguish excellent websites and spam sites often lies in whether the content is rich, whether can meet the needs of more users, if meet so congratulations you have won the most.

2, update frequency in time. To cite a simple example: I usually like to sleep in the middle of the night looking at the novel sleep, and habitually see whether the site has updated. If every day on time to see updates, no doubt will be on time visit, if the next day the difference between noon before they appear lazy, and will certainly be re site choice. Whether your website can be a sticky website or not, a big part of it is whether the update is timely and whether it can meet the new requirements of the customers.

3, convenient and convenient. The devil is in the details, the edge often jueshengqianli. What’s the fast pace of life? What’s the lack of users? It’s time. In the same website, you can meet the convenience of users, save the user, run more circles, will also be sticky users, improve user loyalty to the site. Many websites set up online customer service functions, and some live toolbars seem insignificant, but huge amounts of traffic can certainly accumulate many of the most loyal users.

two: let users willing to pay

allows users willing to pay, willing to go willingly for your web site to pay more easily to improve the loyalty of users

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