Deep thinking why do we have no traffic

why is there no traffic? I think everyone has asked this question, just like Xiao Shenyang’s "why?"

has a positive answer, that is, you didn’t try to be serious about standing,

How does



station do I want very simple to download a simple source modify 1 hours to fix the register a domain name and get a host to add content and simple extension for BAIDU GOOGLE included the station even if I want to get throught a thing carelessly this is many webmaster used


how do you stand seriously,

?Don’t look at it more than the upper

word "serious" seriously, what is it? This word I think we all understand, but how to use in the station, I think we all understand, but the real to do something I want to have a few! Playing mahjong 3 by 7 luck do! The station will be 3 points by 7 points by technology seriously! You do stop technology in to spend, SEO do good in spend to make every day disinclined to carefully manage pattern in the United States only temporary


how serious? Everyone in the early to do stand to describe their children, what kind of parents take their children to take care of? Is the meticulous care! Time, education, health, do stand is the same, do not look for shortcuts, looking for shortcuts successful person will never succeed. Want to find a shortcut, rich people will not get rich! Do not experience wind and rain, how can you succeed, how can

make money?

below, I say how to understand, seriously do stand

first, we should form a good habit,

habit is really a tenacious and tremendous power, but it dominates the life of man. That’s not what I said. That’s what Bacon said,


a person who wants to succeed must form a good habit,

, for example:

What time does

get up early, when to sleep, when to eat, when to take a walk, when to shop and when to exercise


arrange reasonable working hours for yourself,

what to do every day, what should be done at any time, some bad habits get rid of, continue good habits

second, we want to have a healthy good body,


body is the capital of revolution, if not a good body if you go to work to earn money, must be on time to eat and sleep exercise every day, you are all I think a lot of time is not normal and I slept late, most memory decline? The meal is to eat eat, for a long time on your stomach broke. Do not go out to communicate with friends, do not exercise.

long time, health problems, so I hope we can have a good body,

third, we should see more, learn to think,


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