Look again the monthly income of 50 thousand stories

this story is very ironic, how specific irony you yourself slowly look down. After reading, how can you comment?. This is a student in Shandong, his high school career is very short, only to the high term, the school stopped. When he quit the school with the so-called non mainstream girls abortion abortion as simple. Needless to say, you also know how " education is now. "Quality". Home has nothing to do, then apply for a free forum, a forum for management of their day, don’t omit all the crap words, a few days after he decided to do an entrance of the site, and then omit all the crap no more words to say, after 3 months or even 5 months after his site the. Here means "well" means that all the columns in the navigation page of the website have made a preliminary model, and the content of the entity is not added too much. But this site really tired, physiological and psychological together tired, 5 months later, he lost 12 pounds. Physiology to face more than 15 hours of work every day, do not use or in front of the computer, notebook computer, for a long time high temperature often crashes, then the project file not saved the cool ~ ~ in short 5 months after the initial site model has been established to.

it is worth noting that in the 5 months of his website, a similar forum places like BBS advertising in any place, because in the construction site during the particular web content is not how rich situation a lot of publicity is very unwise, it may temporarily bring three hundred or four hundred IP every day but, visitors can see the site without the actual content back rate per cent microscope.

because he is a boy of 17, a temporary home room and board, the money is not particularly anxious thing, so in the station early not particularly big psychological pressure, such as not to earn 200 dollars the day after tomorrow will not eat no place to live a kind of idea. (young is good ~ ~ I’m 17 this year, but I feel old ~ blame ~)


below is his website’s promotional technique:

1, I was impressed by my classmates, so it was a very favorable resource for my classmates, and it was the last object for the website promotion.

specific practices: bought a suit, 4-500 pieces of a body, but also with two pants. Take the road, pull relations, errands, grinding one, there is another. You can’t say KING-BOX dude, but you have to be decent, like a company guy. You want to say that this is the performance of the package, then even if it is installed, in the commodity society, for the time being, moral theory and dignity value is not talked about, as long as not urinating everywhere, it is not a bad thing to be a dog who has enough to eat and drink.

then made a brand similar to the company’s business manager, the school gate 300, rented a Passat three hours, the car directly into the campus, teachers downstairs. After finding the principal, the main meaning is to thank him for his upbringing and teaching, and to send up a flag. As for what is written on the flag, I’m not

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