Grassroots Adsense what fight the world

economic crisis, a station for the winter, a heavy smashing eggs again and ruthlessly Zhajiang fragile layers of grassroots, grassroots webmaster how, what to take to make the world


grassroots webmaster will always be worthless life? What is the webmaster of the future direction of development? At a loss? In fact, meditation to think, perhaps there are still many opportunities for us to find the


I am not just, dare not say oneself say it must have what reason, if you feel there is some truth, can also consider today’s conditions look at your next step should be to do; if you feel well, talk downright nonsense, no, not wasting your precious time, please bypass.

personal Adsense really want to spend the winter? Personal webmaster to site the theme of development 09 years decide on what path to follow? What? I personally think that a station to East but we do not care too much, everything is two-sided, both opportunities and challenges, and the threat of death in, we should keep an optimistic mind. To calm, to explore. Our direction? Look at the current economic crisis, what can we say, there are many fail, but there are also many companies but to take this opportunity to dig out the big fellow corner, foundation instability, why? So it is not difficult to see, whether our winter to come, we will go on to understand the peace of mind to keep. WEB1.0 changed the way people access to information, WEB2.0 the information age is the participation of the effectiveness of dripping every minute, the rapid development of the forum, blog, podcast by leaps and bounds, all in the description of a problem, the network has no winter, you have to see how we go by. Now there is no WEB3.0, I do not know whether the future will be there, but I have obviously felt that the third generation of the Internet has been quietly integrated into our lives. Remember the teacher Li said, now is the time for the developers, and where there was a network, the network will focus on people, everyone involved, everyone is the protagonist in personality, can not be replaced in a network, to meet the needs of the times, the SNS model of community website came into being. This is the MySpace campus network, without rebuke, the success in the description, SNS’s era, in the country, perhaps because it helped Kang Sheng to attack, can now everywhere SNS, Chinese people’s ability to imitate and follow the wind force is very good, a happy net success how much a settimio version of happy net, success is to imitate, a right, but a successful impersonation is built on the understanding of analysis, happy net why can succeed? Why those people back to reality? It will be unemployed, just because of the economic crisis? Want to understand everything will be well, Lolita locked so much if not involved in the theme, I actually feel, what the world has been very clear, SNS is bound to become the mainstream mode of development, the next generation network group now has no doubt make friends, chat and other communities, warlords hegemony, Wei.

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