Do station voice do station first consider user experience 1


site is now very much, can say how beyond count, in many websites from the website of talent shows itself? The initial construction is very difficult, everyone knows this, it is very difficult to buy, then from the domain space for the purchase of this period, must have little experience and the experience of being cheated because. Can also be extended to half of the site when there is no use. Because viruses, Trojans, or other very serious conditions, will allow themselves to start again. Well, if you want to do a good job and use it very well, you have to start with experience and user experience.

1. The overall

of the web design interfaceHow about the

design, where the most easy to let users want to come and see, what is the most attractive, is the animation or text, if the design is not reasonable, let users look at random, so he had to click desire? If not attract users to click on, how about selling things? So overall the design is reasonable, attractive, will now see a lot of website, the taste will be different, if it is a single form site, or is the unreasonable design of the website, content is rich and so on, may webmaster is not art, but can see more of the things, is also good on the website of the click rate, or did not do as well, some difficulty, there is no effect, why? Now that many sites have flash, animation design and creative design, interesting That personality, attractive, then increased in the demand for not sticking to formalities, era, also to attract the user’s index points, so that he is interested in continue to look down, next is the product design.

two. Leave a personal connection,

your website design is also very good, but also to attract users, products are particularly good, when users want to buy, or when there are any questions you want to consult, this time contact is very important. It will be important to ask users to contact you, to make a QQ link, or to write your contacts directly, so that users can contact you at any time and consult the ones you care most about. It’s also one of the keys to the deal.

three. A readable, readable item for the user

this readable thing is also an article. To the site to put on some interesting, very readable articles, such as put what small jokes, humorous essays, so that users are interested in reading, so that you are not a boring webmaster, is also a very understand user needs the webmaster, then he will find your article very nutritious, then he will feel the site owners do very carefully, then the user is willing to get your products to sell, then he (she) will take the initiative to contact you, share with you; otherwise, if the articles are boring, the user will feel and other web site is not what the product should two. General.

four. Article pictures need to be creatively combined with


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