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yesterday in the QQ group saw someone said, "at 8:30 this evening there is only lecture," so, to the home, I paid attention to the lecture.

early in 2008 to hear someone say you can learn SEO to seowhy diving and the point, was registered a seowhy account, but did not go to see those things, because I thought too much, not sure whether to learn seo. In the seowhy forum, they become their object and their teacher. See the YY voice introduced:

husband, founded in 2007 in Shenzhen SEO based learning and communication platform SEOWHY.COM, because in just 6 months to achieve ranking and traffic, the industry’s first attention. Creative online SEO training model won the praise of the industry, has focused on training more than 2 thousand Chinese SEO elite, become the most Chinese students SEO mentor.

see this, I decided to listen to the lecture, this is the first time I listen to the teacher’s lecture. This is only to share on SEO knowledge and we use this way, or invite Qiushi, the lecture the audience of 1148 people, thousands of people to listen to the old K said, from the YY voice can be seen in the old K is how happy ah ha ha……

‘s lecture is mainly about key words. Key words are divided into: target keywords and long tail keywords. Target keywords: a website with the home page to optimize the term, called the target keywords. Long tail keywords: use the page to optimize, and can give your website bring the target user keywords.

for large and medium-sized brand websites (outdated forums), target keywords optimization of the main points:

The connotation of

five law is:

Article 1: is a certain URL important,


second: what keyword does a URL represent?

third: is the content on this URL up to date?

fourth: is the content on this URL original?

fifth: is the content on this URL popular with the user?

, around the word "


first: this keyword appears on the title of the current page;

second: the current page keywords, labels, description tags appear in this keyword (if the English keywords, please appear in the URL);

third: the content of the current page, and repeatedly appear in this keyword, and in the first appearance, bold;

section 4: this keyword appears in the anchor text of another page.

, let’s start these next time. Let’s write it briefly……

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