Some advice for novice webmaster friends

in this era, network and many friends joined in this group, in the majority of grassroots camp there are many and I just novice entrance. Here to the novice webmaster friends a few suggestions, are personal these two months experience.

one, it is essential to make a domain name space, but you must find a reliable space and domain name. An unstable space or domain name will kill your station. For example say my station and fly pose computer technology website, just on the line, I site domain name, Baidu is often to take pictures, this is good, as long as there are good content is not afraid of it not included, it is only a matter of time. But one day, received the space merchant’s message room maintenance, two days down to go to site, my domain name, website home page disappeared, and so far has not recovered. What’s more, if someone else opens your website and shows that the page cannot be displayed, I’m sure it will be boring. Choosing a domain name associated with the site name is also important, which is conducive to future rankings.

two, new sites do not care too much about the site’s collection, search referral included a new station, the station will have a evaluation period, in this period will be included less, but will often update snapshot. As long as you are good to do the content, and more original, subject specific content, and other evaluation period, you will find a lot of content will be included.

three, new sites don’t do too much optimization, if your ranking too fast, will be Baidu stare, be stared at, will be bad……

as long as the meta, title, and so on, plus the key words on the line, do not deliberately use some means to optimize.

four, frequently updated, this is important. If you update it once a month, I’m sure the search engine will be like you.

five, exchange links, find some type of same level of Web site links, pay attention to don’t look for those messy websites. Of course, if you have the ability to find some of the higher PR website exchange links, then the best.

six, to observe their website, specific content to attract visitors, in the beauty of the site, practical research.

seven, see statistics report, find a good statistical tools, many online free recommended by CNZZ, 51LA, access antecedents and search keywords website traffic changes, which is the development of the website is very helpful.

above is a personal experience, I hope to help novice webmaster friends, sell a AD29510458 I built the exchange group, we can come together to communicate!


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