Very period stationmaster should do a few work

is now a very special period of "pornography and anti pornography", and the relevant departments of the state have focused on strengthening the governance of the Yellow mobile websites. It can be said that this country is determined to make great efforts to focus on remediation. For many webmasters, and therefore affected or affected are not in the minority. Baidu at this time and introduced phoenix nest system, the algorithm has made great changes, it can be said that Baidu has entered the turbulent phase with the arrival of this period. As the new and old webmaster of this period, how to face a variety of unpredictable factors with a good mentality and strategy?

Guangzhou SEO thinks, very period stationmaster should do the following job:

1. Strengthen self-discipline and cooperate with relevant departments for inspection. No matter what a man or a station must be, only the strengthening of self-discipline and self love will be respected and recognized by others. If necessary, check with relevant department.

two, a thorough examination of the contents of the website. If the content is illegal, or conflict with the laws of the country, or article messages and links have problems, be sure to clean up in time. If there are links to the site itself, the problem has been ordered remediation, or by the search engine K off, your station will be more or less joint and several liability, become an accomplice, become their victims.

three, check the website space. Many websites now focus on sharing a virtual hosting space, with fewer than dozens, hundreds, and any type of web site. Of course, there are no violations or K website, if the alleged violation of the site was shut down, then you will be facing the space machine was ordered to rectify or cut the fate of electricity. For a website that runs normally, especially the e-commerce site, such a hit is undoubtedly fatal. Therefore, should be done in the first place, this time more backup your site, in case of a rainy day.

four, check the website for the record. For the record, please show your record number at the bottom of the page, plus the link of the Ministry. If there is no record, you need to intensify the filing. After all, for a website, survival is fundamental, and survival is the only way to develop. While the established rules of the game can not be changed at the moment, we have to strictly comply with the implementation of the ability to have their own space.

five, stand ready to work at the moment. That is the main Baidu, without any problems in other aspects of the case, by all means to keep the site, because there is no what than this pool our efforts we deserve more love to stand (except for women of course! (*^__^*)). Domestic traffic, mainly from Baidu Adsense need to pay attention to. We do Guangzhou SEO optimization this line of personal experience, many around Guangzhou site optimization friend station has recently been Baidu crazy K drop. Many people say that the impact of Baidu’s "phoenix nest" server instability is short-term, and in Guangzhou’s SEO view, Baidu has apparently begun to crack down on SEO behavior. These sites that disappeared from Baidu might be back for a long time

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