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this is Webboy, founder of Mobile Networking Technology Co., Ltd., currently the chief architect of mobile software company CIO and mobile software, with more than 10 years of software development experience. The long-term research and practice in the first line of the Internet, pay close attention to the latest domestic and foreign development status of web content management and e-commerce system, is committed to bring the best websites and e-commerce solutions and related consulting, training and implementation services for domestic users). In the "easy to sail" official training room of the "easy to move" SiterWeaver system SEO optimization course.

video download (Telecommunications) video download (Netcom) attached: Mobile easy SiterWeaver system, SEO optimization lecture notes,


SEO factors fall into two categories:

1, affecting search engines included factors, mainly link optimization,

2, the impact of the rankings after the factors included, Meta keyword description, optimization, Page Title Optimization, website structure optimization,

today, I would like to talk about how to make the SEO optimization for the above two factors.

1, link optimization:

do not use HTML+JS calls, but with.Shtml and SHTML include the file function.

dynamic JS files are static JS files that are automatically generated when adding or modifying articles, so that when you call these JS files in other files, they have almost no impact on server performance. But as everyone knows, the JS file can not be directly displayed on the client, the client will also need JS code operation to display the final results, so when a page called multiple JS files, although there is no impact on server performance, but the client will speed the page opens a lot slower than that of pure HTML. The SHTML contains files that are merged on the server side, and sent to the client is pure HTML code. So the solution is to change the output of the JS file to HTML, the extension of other files to SHTML, and to change the original call code like this in the template to such SHTML that contains the code.

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