Rookie station a month experience

for me, a person is still quite a lack of knowledge of the network, the establishment of a web site is a very difficult thing! Only had the website experience from a friend of the forum, held over a period of time the administrator is in him! Post, delete delete spam can be said! On the website later this site utterly ignorant of fundamental! Due to various reasons closed! In order not to lose this station on friends and members, I decided to build a


below, I said, I have this rookie site for a month to experience it:

The first is the

domain name, because I am in Yangzhou, so I want to build a Yangzhou forum, we all know that good domain name had been taken up, can’t leave you, because it is not difficult to understand, I used the yzsh0514, originally called Yangzhou, later changed to elegant life in fact, this is a blunder, a little experience will know, the beginning of construction sites and submit the search included the case, will affect your collection! So I collected a certain period of time reduced by half! So here I remind you, must be considerate the domain name and the name of the site, some of the best people think, unfamiliar words, or choose to search site search before you want to use the name if you have a lot of people are using, if you still think that to a

!Fixed a

domain name is registered, do not recommend their filing, of course this is the rookie, if no experience, general now returned a great possibility, even if not long before the batch is to back down! I was able to record 2 times by the first time, is their record to be returned, the reason is simple, my website names with the forum words, this is not wrong, especially as a thorough investigation period, through the probability is very low! It is best to let the experienced people help you submit, or direct money to solve, is not very expensive, as long as 3 days can be approved, said the 3 hours the group also has, to see how you find the master

!During the

record second times, in order to pass, I shut down the site for 10 days, so the official said to my station made 20 appearance, I have never used the collector and other tools, but now included normal, not including the site shut down during reduction were also included, with 20 pages, this is why


record at the same time, to start to each big search engine website to submit your site, to be included, this is very simple, it is important that this time to update your website, so you can start a very short period of time through the audit included, it is best to write some original content, writing is not good relationship is the original, it is not, you can copy the contents of a title, a little change of content and so on, these are very easy to do! I stand about 3 days after the submission began during this period included, of course, I also do a lot of work, to each big search engine website application a personal blog, send some soft, but not too much, also listed as "

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