You have to understand the WeChat public data


this is a literacy paste! The target reader is the electricity supplier, tradition, 4A, brand and so on, all want to make use of WeChat public number to do marketing, to do the operation of people!


this article is written by Ding brother: how successful social media content is king – size (please pay attention to my public number: yy001 can read and reply) companion! Ding brother will be produced, especially in the social media on the dry cargo, when two years ago, Ding brother run micro-blog 1000 Sina micro-blog top analysis 5000 the size of 5, almost one, so the social media data is particularly sensitive, also let liar undetected


false, true, true and false,

Call me

this afternoon, a public relations firm friend, said she agents of a bank’s activities for more than about 1000000 fans of WeChat large, open background display rate is 50%, but after pushing, Leng is a powder not up! I said you cheated, these are the brush powder no.. Although my friend is doing PR company, but just transition to do new media, said she was silly, very naive, or that she just entered the line, or, in short, the last when it is normal.

when another 20 million large price 30 thousand true fans, and friends from the perspective of customers feel very expensive. I later told her that about 200000 real powder number 30 thousand is also expensive, if it is the opening rate of the article can easily reach 7,8 million. 12 of all have voted for the customer quotation. Frankly, if it is to account by powder, 10 yuan can bring a real effective powder is very good! And that it will be a small brother such master planning it! The operation is good, 1 yuan investment will bring a fan is also not surprising, the operation is not good, with 1000 yuan not a fan of


my friend will continue to ask my data model, I said, once the about 200000 fans to I had recommended three times, which once was planning an activity, have very special gifts, a result, two times the recommended results I had gained nearly 2000 fans the last time, probably because the topic recommended in general, an increase of only more than 400 fans. In other words, do a good recommendation can increase 1% of fans, do not good also 0.2%,


, you’re not RMB. Powder is normal,

don’t just focus on fans, fans will drop. In fact, when your fans arrive at this level, it’s normal to send 1/1000 drops of powder, that is, 10 thousand powders and 10 powders. You shoes, off powder is just, don’t think you’re selling a good friend, fame is not out of the powder. There is no reason to lose your powder, and anyone who doesn’t like you and doesn’t like your content. Or the original readers like your content, but you send the wrong time, for example, when people in XOXO received a big talk about the Internet dry article, the reader in a hurry to cancel your attention. The >

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