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editor’s note: the author of this article is Yan Hao, director of product operations director of mop net (@ cat cat class), which is based on personal experience, and has combed the mistakes made by users’ operating links. In his view, user operations are the most important and difficult part of the operation, the basic logic is very simple, but often ignore the details of the actual operation.

a lot of people asked me about some of the problems encountered in the user’s operation, and combined with some of my previous experience and experience, let me share with you.


operator is actually a very deep knowledge, like the military, not only in a flexible strain, the Suns to fight. Maybe a lot of reason everyone knows, but don’t do, did not do is equal to zero, only through actual combat, can really into your belly.

user operation is the most important and difficult part of the operation. The basic logic of user operation is very simple, that is the first analysis of properties and characteristics of your community groups, the establishment of user of the "Pyramid" structure, then each link is subdivided into "Pyramid", each point were found different breakthrough point, to find the same and different operating strategy and solutions.

The key to the operation of

lies in the details, the more details, the more likely to ignore, the more simple problems will not be done in place, the more repetitive things, the more they do not want to go deep. This is the difference between operations.

this article represents only the statements of a school, different people have different understanding, does not mean that I said is right, or that sentence, only hope that everyone can give some help and inspiration. Now get to the point —

easy to make mistakes 1: wait for the user, always keep the community user

class understanding: This is an easy mistake for many operators to get into the community. Remember, the best users are never waiting. The basic strategy of user operation is actually 7 words: station maintenance, station looking outside. A lot of people have been doing the first 4 words. It’s actually like fish farming. We’re going to be a fisherman, not a fisherman. The fisherman knew what kind of fish was suitable for the pond, and he knew how to spread the new fry regularly. Anglers will only make fewer and fewer fish in this pond.

user maintenance strategy is also 7 words, widely cast a net, focusing on training, and find the object of logic almost. The best users are always nurtured by your intentions. Definitely not waiting. Why? The reason is simple, because your community is not Facebook, not QQzone, there is no let you never clean the user, even if there is, relying on user data analysis background, can not help you solve everything.

solution: try hard and be a fisherman,


is apt to make mistakes 2: ignore the important time period of night

class understanding: a lot of people spend all their work on the day and often ignore >

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