What kind of novel sites attract users

now I found on the Internet there are many novel sites, these novel website through copy to copy to update the content on how to profit, I see the most is the pop-up ads, the network pop market is 5 yuan /1000, the novel high PV type sites such as it is indeed a good practice, but I don’t know these owners have no consequences, I believe that the flow of a novel site only in the hands of others, for the vast majority of the people, for the sake of a few money and make your own website by the user as the founder of hate, 9A webmaster Wangzhuan, obviously it is very unwise, these people do not understand wide grain, slow kings of truth, in order to benefit a small ruined long-term interests. Let me tell you about what kind of novel site the webmaster should build.

‘s novel website advertising over the day to fly, many users already tired, not only is the user, to some extent, the search engine also tired, so, you have not thought about building a no popups advertising novel website, so the user experience is good, such as free space, popularity come naturally about, because there is no profit model, do, I said here is my idea. Popularity, traffic, my idea is that early transition, pay for the author signing, slowly transition, thus avoiding the copyright issues, at the same time also will gradually grow, there are a few bad places in this method, the first is to have a lot of money, no money is absolutely no, secondly, to consider the promotion, although the outstanding website without advertising, but early kept in purdah no knowledge ah, the necessary promotion is a must, suggestions about GG’s advertising or other pop ads, the price is quite cheap.


website after the transition, an important starting point of profit model, although there are industry giants such as profit model for reference, but I do not recommend the site used as the profit model in transition after the transition, you must consider is why users will visit your site to spend money to see the VIP section, if the problem cannot be to solve, then you must find another profit model, specific to the profit model, I am here to say a reference for everyone: you can use existing video game making fiction novels, then in this part with the video page ads, specifically determined by the novel itself factors, such advertising should be cooperation and game company, or can develop third party plug-ins to provide other value-added services, can also be considered a book, this is the demand that the rich support, so it is not suitable for small owners to do.

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