The tip of the dancers four years of struggle of the millet team and can take courage once more

summer and autumn, and when the mobile phone manufacturers collective noise of the hammer broke the nuts, the old week our ripe, HUAWEI Black & eager and millet conference, more and more intensive, guies turns platform is the norm, not least the game of rhetoric, but the observation of a person or a business and you can never listen to what he said.

International Conference Center, conference, Lei Jun is still powerful, but a spectator looked, millet is a totally different company. Millet has gone through two stages of development, and to have a fever the spindle has created a successful mobile phone brand, when Li Wanqiang presided over the first MIUI hardware line, made it work; since 2013, the new TV router, millet Lei began to emerge in an endless stream, China Internet BIG4 advance.

millet war on the traditional home appliances, to create a complex relationship, Lei Hunan patriarch Hu Linyi to carry forward the "statecraft philosophy thunderbolt, which was kind heartedness, also follow the expansion of old Roosevelt" the originator of a moderate tone, holding a stick "to" the enemy had little to do a lot of friends. "In the millet seems dominated by those old technology companies in the market as the dilapidated building, just smashed a glass, the house will become the destroyer of heaven.

millet launched on the traditional industries dimensionality reduction attack or on behalf of the poor is a war strategy, the latter is colonization of raw materials and production base, the asymmetric war led to two extremes, one in the United States as the representative, while saying that "city people really can play", while anxious gestures; another kind is GREE, want to learn Su Wu, suffering from the net, but also Chijie unyielding.

Millet’s colonial impulse really let it go deep in many lines of scenes, but it is not apple, after all, will suffer fierce resistance, the process also implies the risk of invalid expansion of the system.


= the insurgents destroyer

when the Mongolia cavalry gallop Eurasia, most good psychological operation, "the war, and by chaos, so the beginning of each ride to battle, team size sudden enemy, after being moved, regardless of Zhonggua, in one hundred thousand, although the enemy, also can not support". Lei Jun millet quite refined this, each new Internet Co must rally, accustomed to this, but the traditional industry for each of the confusion in disarray. The conquest of Mongolia defeated in soft power shortage, millet on the contrary, it creates a counter elite mobile phone culture, but it is not a technology driven company, in the domestic peer also like HUAWEI has a system of accumulation of technology, relying on the fan driven millet lack of cross industry Apple’s penetrating power, can not form a barrier in the related areas of consumption.

Lei Jun in exchange for 1 billion 266 million of the United States for the overall support of the ecological chain of millet smart home, which is willing to use the Internet concept to brand blessing. But the two sides of the first crystallization – Smart air conditioning how to see is beautiful, and Ali cloud things, and Jingdong wisdom cloud play left concept, millet joined in addition to the bracelet and other tasteless products

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