What kind of local web site can retain users

Hello, I struggle, today to talk about what kind of local website to retain users? First off, my opinion may only be suitable for network coverage and Internet users is not very high quality area. Because of the popularity of the network, I have not tried the area, I dare not say, hey. Now the hottest local websites, in addition to categories, is SNS and forums.

first about the classified information website, the user sends the information, then leaves, then waits for the interested person to call. As long as there is no need to publish and find information, the basic will not come back to the site, this reason, in the final analysis or interactive problems, I think the pure classification information website, interactive is too weak. One more thing, authoritative statistics show that 80% of China’s Internet users spend their time on entertainment. Visible, entertainment in the proportion of Internet users, the classification of information sites do not seem to have any entertainment.

is looking at the SNS and the forums. These two things are good: SNS can link up all the users on the site, and through SNS, you can meet any stranger. Coupled with a variety of SNS applications above, making the viscosity of the SNS site is much higher. The forum is more like a public chat place, the openness of the information also attracted a lot of people who love to discuss topics. Both viscosities are exemplary in local sites.

then you’ll ask, is there a way for a local classified website? The answer is yes, you are: NO,

!In fact, the local

classification web site I feel is the place where Internet users need most things! Users are people, people have a very real problem, that is life! The local classification website and local users of life, but to retain customers, to make them willing to often visit our website, or to do some change! Such as classified information, but also has a lot of people are not willing to spend money to go to the top, you can recommend to the website add function information refresh refresh automatically routed to the first information. In this way, netizens are encouraged to regularly update their own information on the website to keep them in the most conspicuous position. There are many ways to retain users like this, so we can explore it.

there is one thing we want to know that your website is to classify the information as the main or attached to the body! Do not clearly to the classification results as the main body, and the integration of SNS and forum users to engage in classified information are sent to the SNS and the forum above! This is not conducive to the user experience, is not conducive to the management!

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