Site user experience analysis good interfaces are invisible

really good user interface will be ignored, and bad design will force the user to pay attention to the interface, rather than content. Users are visiting websites with their purpose: buying new books, learning JQuery, sharing an article with friends, discovering new music, writing novels, or just looking for the nearest destination. They won’t just play with the interface. In fact, users don’t care about interface design at all. Over the years, the lack of a desktop system set up model and interactive tools, make people start thinking about user interface, how it works? How to make the design add or minus points? But the user really need to care about these


users are already familiar with the patterns and components of the interface, but they don’t mind at all. Over the years, web designers have spent hundreds of hours on buttons, colors, projections, borders, and gradients just to make the interface easier to use and beautiful. But in fact, the ultimate form of an excellent user interface is not easy to use, but invisible.


you probably know that mobile devices are the highlight of recent years. The advent of multitouch devices has led to a sensation that the user interface is a series of clicks and events on content, and the rise of mobile devices makes the human interface more natural. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, but to operate directly on the content, and abandon the outdated figurative things (like those in the desktop) gives these devices easy to use interface, because they almost disappeared.

, however, we still need to work with desktops and notebooks, and we also need to browse the web and use the web application. The magic and multi touch technology and its more natural new user interface do not necessarily come in handy. So, since it is not for us, we will continue to create those outdated and "inconvenient" UI elements? Of course not, contact interface should be each UI designer and developer of the target.

interface, not barrier



interface should not be an obstacle for users to browse content or achieve their goals. Users don’t need to experience UI traps and randomly choreographed navigation before they reach their goal. Over the years, we have been using and inventing various UI barriers. On the face of it, they seem to solve some problems, but they add more burdens to the users. Bread crumbs are an excellent example. Bread crumbs are generally considered a good choice for users to understand where they are in their application. But more often it just adds unnecessary UI elements that affect the normal user experience.

although bread crumbs do not directly burden users, it takes up valuable space resources on the screen, which should be used to guide users in achieving their goals and displaying content. It’s better to try to solve the problem of navigation by adding crumbs to the navigation problem. To fix some UI problems, you’ll often introduce >

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