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Oh, have recently been expert advice, suddenly begin to understand more, read some tutorials, added a lot of fresh knowledge, especially the way of thinking, I think these two days I harvest things, than after I graduated from college until now combined, the views of the network is greatly improved. That feels like a qualitative improvement, oh, these things only to be sensed, not explained. In order to be able to study quietly, QQ is not big, all the host has been my customer service is doing, and now almost, and for those theories, I will slowly and personally to practice it.

now a blog to make money, a result of this blog blog how to make money in the said I have a plan to focus on the blog, blog marketing, blog and blog to make money, the idea is now to each point to write a series of tutorials, written from scratch, and take this opportunity to a good practice, and then write down their own practice and analysis of the results of other people for reference, if you are interested, can focus on my blog.

, first of all, talk about the blog’s first way to make money. In order to avoid too simple, so from relatively moderate, simple in the future will still say.

is now doing a lot of Taobao customers, basically free or charge Taobao guest procedures, the general way is through the acquisition of Taobao data, do keywords optimization, through the rankings intercepted traffic. Because all the procedures are similar, mode of operation is similar, but the repeatability may be relatively large, if your SEO is not very good, and generally get less than what oil, and Baidu is not included, made a single product exhibition stand, and what no one browsing, it can change a thinking, with the theme the blog to recommend Taobao customer products.

uses blogs as an advantage for Taobao customers:

1: in a certain program to solve the search engine dependence.

2: you can add some additional quality content that users are interested in.

3: more interesting, user-friendly, you can precipitation some loyal users, guide users consumption.

4: if you own a Taobao store, you can easily change into your own image blog.

blog main profit point:

1: through the promotion of Taobao customers commission.

2: if the other Taobao stores do not Taobao customers, if an article can be attributed to a different categories of 5 products, respectively for 5 Taobao stores, and they talk about, you say, your article will be released in many forums, exposing them to a product, only 10 dollars is not high, the difficulty, and inexpensive, Taobao stores don’t mind the 10 dollars, then you write an essay of at least 50 yuan, if you blog traffic high popularity, more channels, but also can improve the price.

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